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Affordable Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Services

Services at Oz Clean Team are most acceptable and affordable for all who are in need of carpet cleaning services in Adelaide. We are the best and experienced carpet cleaning services provider at the price which comes in your budget. Uses of highly-advanced machines make our task too easy and effective. We give an immediate response to our clients and make all the effort to provide the best services which you want to have.  Our team of experts is experienced to provide such services also you will get same-day services. 

Our Specializations

We provide all relevant services with the same day of bookings and this makes our services specialized. There is a list of our company which is proof that we are worthy to have at your place. Below, you can check the benefits which you will get by make bookings with Oz Clean Team in Adelaide:

  • Timely Services
  • Affordable Services 
  • Same day bookings 
  • Effective methods of cleaning the carpet
  • Eco-friendly products
  • One-stop for all carpet solutions
  • No hidden or extra charges
  • Weekend services
  • Most answerable
  • Immediate response
  • Free Quote on call

All Carpet Cleaning Services

carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best methods to rid your carpets of dust, debris, and other impurities, where the carpets are deep cleaning using hot water extraction. The process includes injecting hot pressurized water with a cleaning solution and then extracting it along with contaminants present in the carpet.

carpet dry cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is another effective method to make your carpets free from stains, dust and water damage. This process involves dusting of a dry cleaning solution on to the carpets that break down the impurities. The powder is then vacuumed making the carpets cleaned and tidy.

carpet stain removal

We use recommended compounds on the spots and leave it for a few minutes. We use the specific scrub for cleaning and removing the stains seamlessly.

carpet shampooing

We shampoo the carpets in Adelaide to get more satisfaction from the process. It really helps to remove the odour from the dirty and untidy carpets.

Hot water Extraction

Hot water extraction is another method to remove the dirt and dust particles from carpets. When we apply the hot water on soiled carpets it eliminates dirt and soil including microorganisms which all are injurious to health and provide you with healthy clean carpets. 


To make your carpets germs free get our best-sanitizing services and get a new look for your carpets. This is the most beneficial method to apply to clean the dirty carpets.


Infected carpets are too bad and injurious to health it may become the reason for chronic disease. With keeping in mind the care of our clients we have found disinfection methods to provide more hygiene cleaning processes.

carpet dying

In just a few years, even the carpets in good quality will be an old colour. Accept full carpet dying, rather than opting for a replacement of carpet in Adelaide.

carpet mould removal

One of the specialized services also includes carpet mould removal. Carpet mould removal can be tough to get rid of it with cleaning solutions. It is important to take the necessary steps to remove mould growth from your carpet as soon as it occurs. Any DIYs for mould removal cannot deliver you the guaranteed results, but the professional treatments can. If you do not want your loved ones to get affected by the harmful effects of mould growth then hire our professional services by calling us today on our toll-free number.

end of lease carpet cleaning

We provide our acceptable end of lease Carpet Cleaning Adelaide services. Applying this method on carpets is helpful to lengthen the life of carpets and provide a new look too.

All types of stain removers

Cleaning is not enough solution for your carpets, they more than that, such as carpet stain protection. Along with carpet cleaning, we also carpet stain protection, that helps carpets keep the stains away. We at OZ Clean Team also offer carpet fibre stain protection services for all kinds of carpets.

Nail polish

Stain of nail polish is tough to remove without knowledge of its removing process. In the lack of knowledge of stain removal products, you apply the wrong solvents and it may affect the fibre of carpets.

urine stain

Stains of urine will permanently affect a carpet. The longer it remains on the carpet the darker it goes through the fabric which produces a yellow smear and a foul scent that won’t go away.

pet stain

pet urine is particularly acidic. Unless it is taken care of soon after the incident occurs, a fresh stain does not do much harm. When the stain dries, the acid ph level increases, which allows optimal conditions for bacteria to thrive.


Bloodstain is not very common but quick removal can be difficult. Always try to take quick action when it occurs on some bloodstain. To sanitize your mattress you need to act immediately. Ignoring those will leave a permanent stain in the blood. Get in touch with the Oz Clean Team to get the best bloodstain removal Adelaide services on the same day of bookings.

food stain

Food stain is normal on the carpet and we have the expertise to remove the food stain from carpets in Adelaide.

coffee & tea stain

Coffee & tea is a normal drink in the morning and there is no wonder to see your carpets with the stain of coffee & tea. But you do not need to worry about these kinds of stains as we are available with our all techniques to remove the stain from carpets.

Ink stain

Ink stain is liquid and it can get worse when you rub this instantly. So, instead of rubbing it you just call us, our professional cleaners will clean this by using their experience of many years.


Wine stains are worst to see it smells bad and it must be removed by expert cleaners. Get in touch with us now and you will know about the latest offers which we provide on our carpet cleaning services.


If your child ends up getting slime on a piece of clothing then you do not need to worry just pick your phone and dial our online given number to hire the professionals from Oz Clean Team.


Vomit happens, If it’s the product of a sick infant, a stomach bug or a pet consuming anything it shouldn’t have, something occurs to most people at some stage or another. You must call our professional to remove this stain from the carpets.


We apply our most effective method on the carpet and this is proven to remove the wax stain from carpets immediately or within a minute.

Oil Stain

Oil stains are one of those things that you don’t think about until it’s too late which is not the right choice. You must be aware of the side effect of its presence on the carpets as it is so harmful to your health. Our technicians are all ready to give you such services on the same day of bookings.

Is carpet cleaning important?

Carpets are the modern aesthetic element that gives a dignified look to the interiors; let it be a residential space or commercial space. Carpets are manufactured from different types of fabrics which are of variant colours and textures. The carpets are also responsible for giving a protective layer to the floors, hence you don’t have to worry about cleaning the floors regularly.

  • As accessed on a regular basis, the carpets get dirty within a few days. In the course of time, the dust in the carpet invites dust mites to dwell in it.
  •  Dampened carpets invite many microbes including fungus.
  • Stained and wet carpets develop the bad odours which make the surrounding stinky.
  • If you have pets, your carpets become the storehouse of their hair.
  • Altogether, when the carpet gets dirty, stinky and filled with microbes this becomes the reason for creating unhygienic and stinky surroundings.
  • The dirty carpets even are responsible for spreading respiratory and skin diseases, which affects elderly persons, children and people having skin and breathing issues, largely. The only solution is to clean, disinfect and deodorize the carpet soon.

Carpet Cleaning Checklist

  • Take all that falls on the carpets-games, books and magazines etc. 
  • Remove as much furniture as practicable. Clear the area to be cleaned, displace small items such as floor lamps, stools, coffee tables, and other removable items.
  • Patch search for colour-resistance in the fabric.
  • Find a secret area of the carpet (maybe a little region that comes beneath heavy furniture or passes through a wardrobe) Vacuum the place Moist a piece of clean fabric with the cleaning agent or stain remover to use.
  • Place the fabric on the carpet, then keep it there for around an hour.
  • Check the towel for some fabric stain that may have leaked off Proceed to search with the cleaners before you locate one that will not leak the fabric.

Other Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Skilled Professionals of Carpet Cleaning Adelaide are available in Oz Clean Team. They are fitted with top-of-the-line machinery to complete all carpet cleaning work. Our staff may support your company or workplace with routine, once-end–carpet cleaning. No work is too big, or too tiny.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We serve our services for residential areas too. Our experts’ cleaners are well-equipped to provide such services on the same day of bookings. You can make bookings with Oz Clean Team to get affordable Carpet Cleaning Adelaide services now.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Industrial carpet cleaning services must be given by professionals and it should be reliable as they are applied for heavy-duty cleaning of huge carpets. If you are searching for industrial carpet cleaning services in Adelaide then you must get bookings done with Oz Clean Team.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

We provide our emergency Carpet Cleaning Adelaide Services on the same day of bookings. Our cleaners are skilled to provide emergency services without any error. We are available throughout the year so you can hire us anytime. Make bookings with us now and get your carpets fully-cleaned.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning

OZ Clean Team is one of the best carpet cleaners in Adelaide, with a team of experienced experts we have been treating people in Melbourne for a long time. We provide the best carpet steam cleaning Adelaide at very affordable prices. If you’re looking for cheap carpet cleaning in Adelaide, we recommend you call on our numbers and enjoy our services at a minimum cost. We offer services like carpet steam cleaning Adelaide, carpet dry cleaning Adelaide and many more related to carpet cleaning. Also, we are proud to offer all these services on the same day of booking, we have a separate team that handles all the tasks. To book the same day carpet cleaning service, call on our numbers.

Why Choose US?

We are the most famous company in Adelaide for serving the best services. You can get all the solutions for carpet cleaning at one stop. Our all services are given by the expert cleaners who have well-experienced to provide such services without the little possibility of error. Our services are given under the observation of professionals. You can rely on us as we have been serving in this industry for many years. Get in touch with Oz Clean Team for getting the Carpet Cleaning Adelaide assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

👉 Can I count on the services you are going to provide?

🙋 Our experts have enough familiarity and they are knowledgeable too. We have been in this business for over 15 years. So we never deceive our customers and give them the best carpet cleaning services.

👉 Do you also offer the end of lease carpet cleaning services?

🙋 Obviously, we’re providing end-of-lease carpet cleaning services so no tenant has to face many dilemmas when returning the proprietor’s carpet. You’ll get our services at a discounted price. For more deals just contact us online.

👉 Would you clean our carpet which has been damaged by water?

🙋 Probably after water damage, carpets can be saved but can’t be replaced. We have a team of experts with ample experience and all the necessary tools to save the carpets damaged by the water. For more information, just contact us online.

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