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Welcome to Oz Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Brisbane Team – a place where you can find the finest curtains and blinds cleaning service for your homes & office. Wherever you are located in Brisbane, we are just nearby. All you have to do is give us a call and let our experts know your expectations. Our lowest prices in Brisbane make it possible to get your curtains and blinds cleaned regularly by specialists.


Oz Clean Team Brisbane offers guaranteed cleaning services that give a fine makeover to your curtains and blinds. Call us today and bring back life to your curtains and blinds!


Why Need Professional Experts

Some people believe their curtains and blinds do not need professional cleaning. However, it has been found that curtains also act as filters in your rooms and they catch all types of pollutants and contaminants to keep your air clean. But when the curtains themselves become dirty, your indoor air also becomes dirty and polluted. Germs, bacteria, mould, allergens, and carbon particles make your curtains their home. If you don’t want to let that happen, you need professional cleaning.


Moreover, we can take care of all kinds of fabrics of your curtains. And we have various services for your curtains and blinds including curtain steam cleaning, commercial curtains cleaning, odour removal, curtain dry cleaning, commercial blinds cleaning, roman curtain cleaning, vertical curtain cleaning, stain removal, off-site curtain cleaning, on site curtain cleaning, roller binds cleaning, and venetian blinds cleaning etc.

Our Cleaning Process for Curtain & Blind Cleaning Brisbane

At Oz Clean Team Brisbane, we perform both onsite curtain cleaning and off site curtain cleaning. The onsite curtain cleaning process consists of:


Blinds Cleaning Procedure

We clean your blinds using green cleaning solutions that have proven successful always for more than 20 years for our clients. All of these are chemical free and thus safe for your family, employees and the environment. Our blind cleaning process also includes cleaning of the fixtures, framework of the blinds, and all the surrounding parts of the blinds.
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Our Guarantee for Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Brisbane

Same Day Curtain Cleaning Brisbane.

Curtain attracts a lot of dust and dirt throughout the day if the curtain is not treated on time the dust, dirt and other things will become stubborn. Thus, to clean the curtain must be cleaned before time, by considering this fact we are proud to offer same day curtain cleaning services. We provide all of our services on our same day curtain cleaning service, so if your carpet needs immediate attention, you can book our same day curtain cleaning service. We assure you that we will do our best to clean your curtain.

Why Oz Clean Team for Curtain and Blinds Cleaning Brisbane

Oz Clean Team Brisbane offers you numerous reasons to choose us whenever your curtains and blinds need professional cleaning. These are:
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