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OZ Clean Team is a registered and licensed carpet cleaning service provider company in Melbourne. We offer top-notch services and solutions for Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. Having wide years of experience with the best effective techniques of carpet cleaning there is no other professional team who can compete with us. We have the best-skilled carpet cleaners who know carpet cleaning facts and methods. Our professionals make sure to execute the works precisely like you have experienced before.

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    Why Carpet Cleaning Is Important?

    Carpets are the modern aesthetic element which gives a dignified look to the interiors, let it be a residential space or commercial space. Carpets are manufactured from different types of fabrics which are of variant colors and textures.

    Let us see the importance of carpet cleaning:-

    Professional Carpet Cleaners Melbourne
    • The carpets are also responsible for giving a protective layer to the floors. This also reduces your stress and effort of cleaning the floors regularly.
    • As accessed regularly, the carpets get dirty within a few days. Over time, the dust in the carpet invites dust mites to dwell in it. You may not even avoid the carpets from getting dampened which invites other microbes including fungus.
    • These develop a bad odour from the carpets and make the surroundings stinky. If any acidic substance is spilt over the carpet, then it develops stains on the surface.
    • If you have pets, then the fallen hairs from them would get stuck with the carpet fabric and can damage the carpet fibres.
    • The dirty carpets even are responsible for spreading respiratory and skin diseases, which affect elderly persons, children and people having skin and breathing issues, largely.

    So to protect yourself, your carpet and your family, the only solution is to get the carpets cleaned, disinfected and deodorized as soon as possible.

    Best Carpet Cleaning Methods & Services:

    Oz Clean Team uses various cleaning methods to provide the best carpet cleaning services. Cleaning methods depend on carpet types and stains. Here are the best methods for carpet cleaning:

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne Services

    We spread the safe and harmless dry powder all across the carpet, then we rub deeply inside the fibre with a brush to remove the stains. Then the impurities and dirt are extracted with powder. We have a team of licensed and expert cleaners who are dedicated to cleaning carpets and removing stains. Our cleaners use modern tools and cleaning methods to deliver quick and effective carpet dry cleaning services. Our dry cleaning process always works on the carpet and gives it a clean and fresh look.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

    Steam cleaning is widely popular for cleaning the carpet, steam cleaning is the only method which has the potential to clean and sanitize the carpet. At OZ Clean Team we have hired a special team of carpet cleaners who have expertise in providing steam cleaning or hot water extraction for carpet cleaning. We have provided them with quality tools and cleaning solvents, we have also given them a good-quality steam cleaning machine.

    Carpet Shampooing Services in Melbourne

    We, at OZ Clean Team, are well aware of the varying reasons and issues that are developed for the carpets. Our team is equipped with the latest and most powerful tech tools and the latest improvised effective techniques for carpet shampooing. Our team of certified professionals is highly dedicated to providing the best effort for protecting your carpets and sustaining their looks and durability with maintaining freshness. Apart from the latest equipment, we consider using eco-friendly solutions for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the carpets in a precise way.

    Carpet Sanitisation Melbourne

    We have been able to walk so long successfully in the carpet cleaning industry because of our best and most effective services. We give priority to customer satisfaction, so we deploy the best techniques for carpet sanitisation that are step-by-step or as suitable for the carpets. You can rather say that we provide treatment to your carpets that make your carpet look new, refreshed and disinfected. We offer services around the year without any holidays, even on Christmas and New Year.

    Carpet Mould Removal in Melbourne

    You can call us anytime at your convenience as we offer 24-hour and 7 days services for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Just give us a call for our equipped professionals who would approach your doorstep within a few minutes for carpet mould removal. We then start the carpet mould removal process through machinery and gadgets. We can completely restore any amount of damage suffered by the carpet having mould in no time.

    Hot Water Extraction Method

    Through pre-vacuum cleaning of the carpet, we remove the dirt and stains particles on the surface and then start the application of this method for successfully cleaning your carpet. This method is very helpful for stain removal treatment (If there’s any stain). Add the cleaning solvent and water into the cleaning machine and then apply that on the carpet and agitate the carpet. This is one of the most efficient methods for carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

    Carpet Odour Removal Melbourne

    The odour mainly gets generated with the stain. To remove any odour finding its sources will be helpful in easy removal. The treatment depends upon the sources as they have different chemical combinations and values. Get professionals from us and you will find the team of experts for this service. Our team is highly experienced in Odour Removal Services. We inspect the smelling carpet area and find out the source and reason for such odour. Then, we use a suitable neutralizer which vanishes the smell and freshens up the environment.

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    Carpet Stain Removal Service

    We will provide a carpet stain removal service which is meant for cleaning all types of stain sources. We will send our professionals within 24 hours if required. Hire a specialised team today and get your carpets back to stain-free condition. We have safe and effective techniques to remove all types of carpet stains. Let us have a look at the carpet stains for which our professionals are generally booked:

    💅 Nail polish

    The varieties in colour and its sticky nature make it the most stubborn stain on the carpet. But we have a professional service to remove all types of stains from the carpet. We will not let your carpet get ruined.

    🎨 Urine stain

    The yellow colour and bad odour come together with the urine stain on your carpet. It feels bad to remove bad urine stains but we can not ignore so professionals can be of the best help to you.

    🐕 Pet stain

    Once it comes to the elimination of pet stains from carpeting, the process is two-fold. First, let’s get the initial mess out. Absorb excess moisture with a clean towel until almost dry, then clear any “accident” residue.

    🩸 Bloodstain

    The red colour and fear of it together tell you to stay away from the stain but you can not leave your carpet in the stained condition. If you can not clean then call us for professional service.

    🍔 Food stain

    The carpeting below the dining table or in the kitchen can not be saved from food stains all the time. But prompt action for their removal is in your hand. Call us, if you are not willing to remove it.

    ☕ Coffee & Tea Stain

    The stain from coffee and tea is visible to anyone and that’s very bad for the carpet and your home decor. We are here to help you with our professional service for the removal of these stains.

    ✒️ Ink Stain

    The presence of ink stains on the carpet can harm your carpet in different ways and we are ready to save your carpet from all. We will not let the stain ruin or damage your carpet.

    🍷 Wine stain

    It’s a liquid so it can easily get into the carpet fibres. Its specific chemical properties can wane and ruin the carpet fibres. Hire professional stain removers if you want to save your carpet.

    🍀 Slime stain

    Whether kids are doing their homework and activities or being splattered due to any other reason, the slime stain will be very deep and clear. It is sticky too. So prompt action is required for its removal.

    🤮 Vomit stain

    The bad odour generates from the vomit deposits is unbearable. It also gets deeper and hard to remove with every passing minute. But our professionals are ready to clean them with perfection.

    🕯️ Wax stain

    Let not wax stay on your carpet for a long time else you will invite other harmful things to your carpet like flies and mosquitoes. It also activates the old dirt and stain particles. So there is a need for its urgent removal.

    🛢️ Oil Stain

    This stain gets worse with the addition of water so you need to carefully remove this stain from the carpet otherwise you will ruin the whole carpet. Call us to get a timely professional cleaning service.

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    Checklist Before The Carpet Cleaning Professionals Arrive

    Though all the requirements for the carpet cleaning service are brought from our side, we provide guidelines for the customers so that they can prepare well before the professionals arrive at their place.

    Here is the checklist before carpet cleaning professionals arrive:-

    • Please check the availability of water and electricity in sufficient amounts and for the complete duration of the service. Most of the machines are run with the help of electricity while most of the cleaning techniques need water.
    • Please free the carpet area from any objects. We do not need any interruption during the service.
    • Ensure that there is enough space for cleaning and taking the machines inside the house.
    • Check whether the weather is favourable or not because we need to dry the carpet on the same day. There is no alternative to it.
    • Get a schedule such that you could be available on the day, though it is not compulsory.

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    24/7 Carpet Cleaners VIC

    Our Carpet Cleaning Process In Melbourne

    The Lists are Below:-

    • Our professionals initiate the process of carpet cleaning by monitoring the carpets and they list out the specifications and requirements of the carpet.
    • Using the vacuum cleaner’s powerful suction capability, we drag out the dust from the carpets.
    • We apply approved cleaning agents on the stains and leave them for a few moments. We use a special brush for brushing the stains, and the stains are removed seamlessly.
    • Oz uses disinfectants for eliminating the microbes and dust mites from the carpets.
    • Our professionals at OZ Clean Team recommend steam cleaning as the best effective step for ensuring the carpet cleaning is effective.
    • A solution to hot water and chemicals is sprayed on the carpets and left for a few minutes which are absorbed by the carpet fabrics.
    • Using the vacuum cleaner with high suction power, we drag the solution which drags the dirty water and the dead skins of the mites from the carpet completely with a guarantee.
    • The carpets are washed thoroughly to remove any leftover residues from the carpet.
    • Applying deodorizers on the carpet, we regain back the freshness of the carpet spreading a pleasant aroma in the interior surrounding.
    • Our professionals dry the carpets after execution of the cleaning works instantly as dampened carpets would invite moulds to dwell in them.
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    Our Additional Carpet Cleaning Services

    Below-given are our additional services for carpet cleaning so that we can make it available for more customers and serve their interests.

    📅 Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services In Melbourne

    Dirty and stained carpets can be the reason for severe health risks to your family as well as it can damage to your carpet. At Oz Clean Team, you will get skilled and experienced professionals for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. We have been in this service for more than 20 years and have been useful to many clients. Our services are meant for dirt removal, stain removal, mould removal, and other carpet cleaning needs. Our services include carpet dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and carpet stain removal, etc. For any type of same-day carpet cleaning service, you can rely on our professionals. We ensure that you get the best service from us.

    Same Day Carpet Restoration
    Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    🏠 Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Clean carpets are good for health as well as maintain the look of the floor. Oz Clean Team provides professional services for residential carpet cleaning. We have been a leader in the carpet cleaning industry for more than 20 years, which is the result of our effective and long-lasting cleaning service. Our service list includes pet stain removal and urine odour removal etc. We own advanced tools and tested cleaning solutions for quick and better carpet cleaning results. Thus you can rely on us for residential carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.

    🏢 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    In Melbourne, we are an established name for commercial carpet cleaning. We have already benefited thousands of customers and business owners and you can be the next. With years of experience in the cleaning service, we can better understand the cleaning problems and the required solutions to get rid of them. For this, we have several teams of professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in the different methods of carpet cleaning like dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Also, the professionals are specialists in stain and odour removal. So you can call us to book services for any type of commercial carpet cleaning problems in Melbourne.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne
    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    🧹 End of Lease Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    It is made very clear, by the carpet owners while giving it on rent that at the end of the lease you will have to return the carpet in a neat and clean condition. Oz Clean Team provides the best professional service for the cleaning of a rented carpet. Oz is a professional name that provides its customers with end-of-lease carpet cleaning services. We have a fast and quick response to an emergency and we cover all the areas of Melbourne. We start by cleaning and end by sanitising and deodorising to get rid of germs and odours respectively.

    🎉 After Party Carpet Cleaning Service

    The source of dirt and stains are unlimited when you have a party in the house, and they can not be controlled. But, you can get them removed or cleaned with professional help. We have professionals to restore the original condition. We have carpet cleaning professionals, advanced tools as well as cleaning solutions for quick and better after-party carpet cleaning results. They help in offering services like carpet steam cleaning, smelly carpet treatment, and stain removal, etc. Thus the cleaning services by our professionals are certain to make your carpet neat and clean. You can call us anytime for assistance on the price quote, booking, and availability of the service.

    After Party Carpet Cleaning Service
    Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaners
    ✨ Truck Mounted System For Carpet Cleaning

    Whether the dirt has entered through your windows or along with footwear, or the stain is from dog urine or cat accidents, irrespective of the source we provide a professional cleaning service for carpets in Clarinda. Oz has been in this service for more than 20 years and is known for the latest techniques for carpet cleaning. We have several teams of professionals with expertise in different carpet cleaning needs like dirt removal, stain removal, mould removal, etc. We have the required advanced tools and cleaning solutions to clean carpets and bring them back to their neat and clean condition. Get in touch with us for assistance with service availability, price quote, and booking.

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    Why Hire OZ Clean Team For Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne?

    Our team for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is ready to remove all types of carpet dirt, stains, and other cleaning problems. Let us see the features of our services for which you should choose us:

    • Professional carpet cleaning service from start to finish
    • Eco-friendly procedures for carpet cleaning
    • Remove allergens & bacteria from under the layers of your home carpet
    • Same-day service availability on short notice
    • Local Carpet Steam Cleaning Company
    • Family-owned Australian Business
    • With high responsibility, we maintain tidiness in the surroundings while cleaning the carpets
    • We charge the most reasonable price for our cleaning solutions which is indeed unmatchable
    Best Carpet cleaners Melbourne

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    For the best effective results of carpet cleaning in Melbourne, OZ Clean Team has been able to receive the great attention of the residents.
    We even provide services in Melbourne and its suburbs. Just call us at 0482078153 and our professional experts would arrive at your space within a few moments. You can request a free quote.

    FAQs On Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    👉 How much do you charge for Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne?

    🙋 Our professional carpet cleaning service is available at the lowest cost possible in Melbourne as compared to the other carpet cleaning company. Our professionals will brief you about the payment and charge details when you hire us. For more details, call us on 0482078153 to get the service quote.

    👉 In Melbourne, What carpet cleaning services do you give?

    🙋 We provide the following carpet cleaning services:
    1. Steam cleaning
    2. Dry cleaning
    3. Stain removal
    4. Mould removal
    5. Odour removal
    6. End of lease carpet cleaning
    And many other services with exclusive discounts.

    👉 Why is carpet cleaning important in Melbourne?

    🙋 Carpet cleaning is important for everyone, no matter where you reside. Carpet is a thing of daily use and if it gets dirty, then it should be cleaned ASAP otherwise, it can create a lot of health issues for your family members. Call us now for professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

    👉 How can I take your carpet cleaning services in Melbourne?

    🙋 You can easily take our expert quality carpet cleaning services in Rye. Just pick your phone and dial 0482078153 or meet us online for the service booking.

    Customer review’s

    Good Efficiency

    We just used Oz Clean Team for a flea treatment. We had a whole house flea infestation since the fall and had tried everything on our own to get it resolved. When we realized we needed to use a professional, I researched the area companies and was impressed with the reviews on Oz Clean Team, who did our inspection and did the treatment, was excellent. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and answered all of our questions. The company was efficient and good to work with. I highly recommend Oz Clean Team
    - Hazel Phillips

    Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services

    I get the excellent Carpet Cleaning Services at a really fair charge. They deliver me preferable carpet cleaning services. Shoppers are their prime priority and to give them the great services they provided us with the best services. Thanks!!!!
    - Vivian

    Wonderful Experience

    We are very thankful to OZ Clean Team. They gave a totally best and reliable pest control services at a very inexpensive price. They have got the adept pest controllers. We called OZ Clean Team for help and explained them the problem. The team came to our place and did a quick inspection to identify what type of pest it is. Later they used an amazing solution to remove the pest. Within no time our home was pest free. Thanks OZ Clean Team. I would definitely use your services again.
    - Taylor

    Location:- Melbourne, VIC, Australia