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A Local Carpet Cleaning Company in Sunshine Coast

We are the local carpet cleaning company based in Sunshine Coast but work throughout Brisbane. Our priority is to amuse every client with the best regard and carpet cleaning service. We offer professional carpet cleaners for all types of dirt, stains and odours. Our team for Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast is an IICRC certified and always provide the service in a safe and effective way. We only keep those professionals that are vehement about the carpet cleaning job. That is why we are known as a remarkable carpet cleaning and janitorial company. We take the carpet cleaning job very seriously and finish the work with the same. Our specialized cleaners are available in your service round the clock and especially in case of emergency carpet cleaning needs.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast

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Advantages Of Carpet Dry Cleaning Service

  • Very less amount of water is used so the carpet gets ready for use in an hour.
  • It is easy to install the layer of staingard protection after carpet dry cleaning.
  • This carpet cleaning process will help in the removal of more stains than others.
  • Our carpet dry cleaning service will be such that there will be no carpet shrinking and stretching.
  • The dirt and soil particles are removed by pre-vacuuming to avoid any case of a dirty mess.
Professional Carpet Cleaning In Sunshine Coast

The Reasons You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sunshine Coast

In all the below-given cases, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners because only they can do it.

  • Dampened carpets invite many microbes including fungus, bacterias and viruses.
  • Wet carpets develop the bad odors which make the surrounding stinky.
  • If you have pets, your carpets become the storehouse of their hair.
  • Dirty and stained carpets are unsafe for elderly persons, children and people having skin and breathing issues.

Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast: Best Methods to Clean

With the regular use and heavy foot traffic, it becomes obvious for the carpets to get stained and dirty. Thus, it is very important to clean your carpets regularly. The best cleaning methods to get the accumulated dirt and impurities out of the carpets are Carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning.

Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning in Sunshine Coast:

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best methods to rid your carpets of dust, debris, and other impurities. We provide effective carpet steam cleaning for you at affordable costs. We make sure that all the stains are treated and removed asap. Hire Oz Clean Team today and get the best carpet steam cleaning service in Sunshine Coast.

Carpet Dry Cleaning in Sunshine Coast:

Carpet dry cleaning is another effective method to make your carpets free from stains, dust and bad odours. This process involves dusting of a dry cleaning solution on to the carpets that break down the impurities. The powder is then vacuumed making the carpets clean and tidy. Thus, this service could be the best choice.

One-Stop Solution For dirty and Stained Carpet In Sunshine Coast

You can make a booking with us for any of the below-given services:

  • Carpet Steam & Dry Cleaning
  • Pet Urine and Odor Removal From Carpet
  • Stain Removal
  • Mould Removal
  • Vomit/Blood/Ink Stain Removal
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Carpet Sanitisation & Deodorisation
  • Stainguard Protection
Carpet Stain Removal In Sunshine Coast
Carpet Dry Cleaning in Sunshine Coast

Cleaning Procedure For All Carpets

We follow the below-given steps to clean all types of carpets:

  • Using vacuum cleaners having the powerful suction capability, we drag out the dust from the carpets.
  • We apply approved cleaning solutions on the stains and leave it for a few moments. We use the special brush for brushing and removing the stains seamlessly.
  • Then the team uses the disinfectants for eliminating the microbes and the dust mites from the carpets.
  • Our professionals at OZ Clean Team recommend steam cleaning as the best effective step for ensuring the carpet cleaning to be effective.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner with the high suction power, we drag the solution which drags the dirty water and the dead skins of the mites from the carpet completely.
  • Afterward, the team washes the carpets thoroughly to remove any leftover residues.
  • Applying deodorizers on the carpet, we regain back the freshness of the carpet spreading a pleasant aroma in the interior surrounding and that’s the end of the cleaning process.

Quick Response For Carpet Stain Removal

Removal of the stains gets very necessary as soon as the source falls on your carpet because with every passing minute their effect in ruining the carpet fibres will keep on increasing. Thus there will be the need for a professional service provider who gives a quick response. We are here with a team of professionals who can reach your place within an hour of booking irrespective of your location on the Sunshine Coast. The source or extent of the stain does not matter to us because our professionals are ready to clean all types of stains. Call us for Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast and get the best service at affordable prices. Make a booking with us for the below-given carpet stains.

Coffee and tea stain

Coffee and tea stain

Gum stain

Gum stain

Chewing gum stain

Chewing gum stain

Slime stain

Slime stain

Oil and Grease stain

Oil and Grease stain

Pet Urine and Poop Stain

Pet Urine and Poop Stain

Chocolate and Cake Stain

Chocolate and Cake Stain

Slime Wine and Drinks Stain

Wine and Drinks Stain


Get Rid of Mould on carpet

Our specialized services also include Carpet Mould Removal. It is important to take the necessary steps to remove mould growth from your carpet as soon as it occurs. Any DIYs for mould removal cannot deliver you the guaranteed results, but the professional treatments can. If you do not want your loved ones to get affected by the harmful effects of mould growth then hire our professional services by calling us today on our toll-free number.

Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast: Same Day Services

At OZ Clean Team, we are well aware of the varying cleaning reasons and issues that develop in the carpets. Our team is equipped with the latest and powerful tech-tools and the latest improvised effective techniques of carpet cleaning. Our team of certified professionals is highly dedicated to provide the best effort for protecting your carpets and sustain its looks and durability. Apart from the latest equipment, we consider using eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions for disinfecting and deodorizing the carpets in a precise way. You will get all of these services when you book with us for Same Day Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast.
Get Sunshine Coast’s most popular carpet cleaners at 0488 849 311.

Need Professionals For Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast?

We have been able to remain so long successfully for our best and effective carpet cleaning results. Our team for Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast has been in service for many years. We give first priority to customer satisfaction, so we deploy the best techniques step by step as suitable for the carpets. You can rather say that we provide treatment to your carpets that make your carpet look new, refreshed and disinfected. We offer services round the year without any holidays, even on Christmas and New Year.

You can call us anytime at your convenience as we offer 24 hours and 7 days of services for carpet cleaning. We serve our services of carpet cleaning in Brisbane and it’s all surrounding suburbs including Sunshine Coast. Just give us a call and our equipped professionals would approach at your doorstep within an hour.

OZ Clean Team For Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast

With such effective steps, solutions and cleaning methods for carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast, we are regarded as a unique professional team. We even take safety measures so that the cleaning process remains only to the carpet areas. There are many things which make us different from others in the carpet cleaning. We are in this service for many years and have been useful to many. We are known for our service timing and the charges. Thus for Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast, we will prove to be the best bet in terms of a service provider.

Let us have a look at our carpet cleaning specialties one by one:

  • A complete set up for an eco-friendly carpet cleaning service
  • 24*7 hour carpet Cleaning.
  • We can ensure that the booking and the service are done on the same day.
  • A complete team of professionals for different cleaning services.
  • No obligation free quote facility for any of the available services.
For the best effective results of carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast, OZ Clean Team has been able to receive the great attention of the residents. We even provide services in Sunshine Coast and its nearby suburbs. Just call us at 0488 849 311, our professional experts would arrive at your place at the scheduled time. You can request us for a callback or a free quote online.


Are you available on weekends for a carpet cleaning service?

Yes, we are available on weekends to provide the carpet cleaning service because there are many customers who are only available on these days.

Does carpet steam cleaning remove stains?

Yes, carpet steam cleaning is such a method that can free your carpet from all types of cleaning problems which include stains too.

Is my presence necessary for a professional carpet cleaning service?

It’s not compulsory but your presence will be helpful to us. We do not need anything except the service charge and access to your carpet as the rest of the thing will be assured by us.

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For the best effective results of carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast, OZ Clean Team has been able to receive the great attention of the residents.
We even provide services in Sunshine Coast and its suburbs. Just call us at 0488 849 311, our professional experts would arrive in your space within a few moments. You can request us for a free quote. Call us now!

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

OZ Clean Team is a Top Class Carpet Cleaning Company

I have parties once in every month on an average. As a result, my carpet becomes dirty very fast. Hence, with the amazing services of OZ Clean Team, I can give them my carpet anytime as they are open 24x7. Also, the receiving of the carpet is done by the company without any delay.
- Hayley


You can completely rely on the cleaners of Oz Clean Team. They are all certified and licensed to do carpet cleaning work. It was great having Oz Clean Team team at my place last weekend. The team came on the weekend and were very honest and hardworking. They used an effective method to clean my carpet. I received a superb outcome. The best thing about the cleaners of Oz Clean Team is that they clean the carpets from deep within and sanitize it. I am so happy that my carpet it bacteria and containments free now. Thanks, guys you really did an outstanding carpet cleaning job. Keep doing excellent work.
- Testwiee

Worried about deep stains? OZ Clean Team company is there?

My light color carpet was the favorite one. One day I noticed some dark stains on it. Even after several attempt the stains could not be removed. I called this carpet cleaning company and they came. They used all their advanced techniques and the stains disappeared immediately
- Barry Humphries

Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services

I get the excellent Carpet Cleaning Services at a really fair charge. They deliver me preferable carpet cleaning services. Shoppers are their prime priority and to give them the great services they provided us with the best services. Thanks!!!!
- Vivian

Awesome cleaning from OZ Clean Team

I have a carpet which became dirty due to a lot of dust. Therefore, I decided to go for Oz Clean Team for its cleaning. I did not want to make my carpet rough by washing it at home. Their cleaning was superb as they made my carpet free from floor stains as well that made me totally amazed.
- Luca

"High-grade Carpet Cleaing"

I obtain the high-grade Carpet Cleaning Services at a really affordable price. They deliver me the excellent impressive cleaning services. One thing I notice is that customers are their greatest priority and to render them the first-rate services they provided me with the best services.
- Jimme