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Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney is one of, if not, the best carpet cleaning service provider in Sydney. Over the years, we have garnered acclaim for our reliable, trustworthy and efficient services. And the cherry on top is that you can avail all our services right at your doorstep. We provide a vast array of services which include but are not limited to covering all your residential and commercial needs.
When we finish, we expect all your carpets to look just as they are supposed to be. Pristine. To restore them to their pristine state, at Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney we employ a variety of methods. These include steam cleaning, hot water extraction etc. The cleaning solutions and chemicals that we use in order to clean the carpets are all certified, just like our workers, and extremely eco and pet friendly. And you are not only just giving us your carpet. You are also giving us your hard-earned money and placing your trust with us. So it is only fair that we repay it in kind with impeccable service.
Some of the other services at Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney include emergency services, free quotations etc. The emergency services are for emergencies only however the quality of service will be consistent with our ethos. The cherry on top of all this is that we don’t have a single hidden charge.

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    • 24*7 service – We offer round the clock service to our clients because we understand that emergencies happen all the time.
    • Eco and pocket-friendly services – At Oz Carpet Cleaning, we are extremely careful about what we do and release into the environment. So, all our cleaning solutions are eco friendly.
    • Free quotations – At Oz Clean Team Sydney, we make it a point to not charge for quotes.
    • Latest and best carpet cleaning tools – If we want to be the best at what we do, we have to employ the best tools as well. So, all our machines and cleaning solutions are top of the line.
    • Services available all across Sydney – We have Sydney in our name. So it makes sense that we make our services for all of Sydney.



    Steam cleaning for carpets

    Steam cleaning restores your carpets to their original, unspoiled state pretty effectively. For the uninitiated, steam cleaning is done to remove dust, stains and pests from the carpet. In this process, water is heated to high temperatures under high pressure. The steam that is generated is used to break down dust, stain etc. These then easily come off when dry cleaned or vacuum cleaned.

    Dry cleaning for carpets

    Dry cleaning carpets is another important service that Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney provides. Here, specially crafted, low moisture solutions are loaded onto machines which are then used to clean the carpets. These solutions rapidly break down any oil residues or dust in the fibers of the carpets. This can then be very easily vacuumed off. You can then use your carpets straight away.

    Stain removal from carpets

    Stain removal from carpets is an unpredictable aspect of the job. Sometimes, the stains will come right off. Other times, it will take a while and a lot of varied solutions before there are any visible results. So every time there is a stain, the procedure to remove it is specialized.

    Mould removal from carpets

    Before we get at it, we will need to remove the carpet from the premises because we don’t want the spores to spread inside the house. Then, we make a dry pass to loosen up the mould before following it up with a proper cleaning procedure.

    Shampooing of carpets

    Shampooing is by far one of the cheapest methods employed to clean a carpet. Specialized soaps and cleaning solutions are applied to the carpet along with water. When the foam starts to rise up, a rotator device is used to remove the foam and the carpet goes back to its pristine state.

    Disinfection of carpets

    In this method, disinfectants are applied to the carpet. Once that is done, it is thoroughly steam cleaned. As a result, each and every fiber gets cleaned 100%.

    Hot Water Extraction

    Hot water extraction is essentially a more extensive way of steam cleaning. The water isn’t heated as much as it is in steam cleaning and so no pure steam gets generated. Secondly, it actually “wets” the entire carpet. However, it is more effective than steam cleaning because it rinse cleans every fiber of the carpet.

    Dyeing of Carpets

    Carpet dyeing is a simple and straightforward process. However, there are a few things one should keep in mind before availing this service. First and foremost being that only wool and nylon fiber carpets can be dyed. Secondly, we cannot dye your carpet to a lighter shade. Lastly, for optimal results, always choose a darker shade of whatever shade your carpet is currently in.

    Sanitization of carpets

    To sanitize carpets, a mixture of hot water and cleaning solutions along with disinfectants are applied to the carpet. What follows is pretty much standard procedure of clothes are disinfected etc.

    Scotchgard Carpet Protection

    Scotchgard carpet protection is a technique employed to protect the carpet from unnecessary stains caused by spills, vomit etc. The way this works is that a thick layer of spray is sprayed all over the carpet, covering every single fiber of it.

    End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Services

    Oftentimes, towards the end of the lease, people tend to forget about cleaning the carpets that they are leaving behind. We offer this vital and intensive method of carpet cleaning which restores the carpet to how it was supposed to look like.


    A few examples of the stains that we at Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney will remove from your carpets, every day of the week –

    • Nail polish stains – These are persistent and small stains that take a while to remove.
    • Urine stains – These stains are an eyesore and start a stench.
    • Pet stains – Pet accidents happen all the time. Cleaning them is a task though.
    • Bloodstains – Bloodstains are sticky and start quite a stench.
    • Food stains – They are simply unavoidable. However, they are removable.
    • Coffee – These too are fairly common whoever can be easily removed with specialised solutions.
    • Wine stains – These stains are a little hard but not impossible to remove.
    • Slime stains – These stains are well slimy and sticky. Using force might destroy the carpet fibers.
    • Wax stains – These too stick on the carpet and harden quickly. Using force to remove them is not a solution.
    • Ink stains – These are oftentimes very hard to remove.
      A lot of these stains can be removed by DIY methods. However, for optimal results, we’d suggest you call in professional cleaners who will do a much better job than you ever will without damaging your carpet.


    Why is carpet cleaning important?

    Carpets often make or break the home décor. Not to mention that they occupy spaces where almost everyone walks. And so, a dirty carpet not only breaks the look that you are going for, but it also acts as an active breeding ground for a lot of diseases and infections which could then very rapidly spread. So, we at Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney strongly advise you to get your carpets cleaned as often as possible. Not only will it clean your carpet of all the dirt and infections that it has accumulated over time, but it also goes a long way in improving the longevity of it.


    Checklist before you get your carpet cleaned

    There are a number of things that you as a customer have to do before you call in the carpet cleaners. None of these tasks is mammoth in nature. But simple things that you have to do or rather should do to make your as well as the cleaner’s lives easier.

    Take appointments on days the room will be empty

    This is perhaps the most important and inconvenient task of the list. The cleaners cannot clean the carpets if everyone keeps barging into the room every 5 minutes. Not to mention, the dust and grime they will be bringing back to the carpet before the cleaning process has even finished, hence defeating the purpose of the entire exercise.

    Remove all the small and miscellaneous items

    Small and movable items are oftentimes the reason behind trips and fall in a household. Not to mention these items are often breakable themselves. So in order to avoid injuring our personnel and causing collateral damage to your property, we would like to strongly advise you to move out all the small and breakable objects.

    Try and remove all the furniture

    Now we know that this is a little difficult for you to do. But if you want the best cleaning experience, then we would prefer that the working area had no furniture in it that hindered movement and cleaning. If it is something you can’t move by yourselves, then you could always ask our cleaners to help you out with this.

    Keep the pets far away

    At Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we make it a point to use only pet-friendly solutions. However, in case your pet ingests the chemicals, it will still put them in a lot of discomforts. So we would strongly recommend that you keep them as far away from the workspace as possible.


    Other services provided by Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney

    • Carpet cleaning for commercial spaces – We offer carpet cleaning services for all kinds of commercial spaces at reasonable rates. A huge factory and a cottage industry are equally important for us.
    • Carpet cleaning for residential spaces – You can reach out to us at Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney for any residential carpet cleaning service.
    • Emergency carpet cleaning services – A lot of the times, the need for carpet cleaning arises out of the blue.
    • Truck-mounted carpet cleaning – This is an optional method of carpet cleaning that is employed only when the client opts for the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. For this, we will need to park a truck near your premises so that we can use the pipe to supply the hot water needed to clean the carpet.
    • After party cleaning – Parties tend to get messy after a while and the mess they do leave behind is oftentimes simply shocking. While it may be hard for you to clean it on your own, it is a walk in the park for us.


    Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

    Why should you choose Oz Carpet Cleaning Services?

    The short answer to this question is that we are the best at what we do. And while being the best, we don’t charge an arm and a leg. Plus, all our practices involve –

    • Eco-friendliness
    • Attention to customer satisfaction
    • No hidden charges
    • Flexible booking and working times



    Where All Does Oz Carpet Cleaning Sydney Provide Its Services?

    As our name suggests, we provide carpet cleaning services across all of Sydney and some of the suburbs as well. We will provide you an obligation free quote.

    Where Do You Clean The Carpets?

    This aspect of carpet cleaning depends on the carpet as well as the customer. If the carpet is immovable or the customer insists we do it on their premises, then we will try to do the same. Otherwise, we will have to remove the carpet and do the cleaning at our work spaces.

    For How Long Will The Carpet Remain Unusable?

    You can place the carpet wherever you want straight away. However, if the cleaning takes place on your premises, then we would advise you to give it a few days before you start stepping on it.