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Professional Curtain Cleaning Services In Brisbane

Curtain Cleaning Brisbane: We offer onsite drapery cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, and blinds cleaning service in Brisbane. Our years of experience make us different and worth cleaning service providers in all over Brisbane and nearby suburbs. We clean all types of curtain fabrics, tails and swags. We have Free Curtains Takedown & Rehang Services. It is strictly ensured that no curtain colour fades after Steam Curtain Cleaning Brisbane.

OZ Clean Team is the name that comes first when people talk about curtains and blinds cleaning in Brisbane. Because we are known for our most timely and affordable curtains and blinds cleaning service. We own the latest tools and professionals skilled along with the latest methods and techniques for curtains and blinds cleaning. The cleaning solution which we use is completely safe and eco-friendly for all. We are in this service for many years and have been useful to many clients. Thus you can rely on us for a curtain cleaning service in Brisbane. We work every day so that we can help when you really need us. Call us on 0488 849 311 for any suggestions from us regarding price quote and booking.


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Local Curtain Steam Cleaning Brisbane

Curtains are most important for interior decoration in houses and offices. At the same time, cleaning curtains and drapes are often the most neglected furnishing in the house. Your home curtains may be hanged for years, may have absorbed household smells from cooking, dirt, cigarette smoke etc. Until curtains & blinds are covered in dust and black mould, and then people feel they need to throw them out and buy new curtains. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that you need to replace them! With the help of OZ Clean Team, you will be amazed at how fast we can make your curtain look as new with curtain steam cleaning service.


Curtain Cleaning Brisbane


Superb Blind Cleaning at Affordable Prices

OZ Clean Team offers you 24*7 hours blinds cleaning facility all over Brisbane with a special discount offer. Dirty and stained blinds are not good for health as well as the home environment. Get them cleaned by professionals from OZ Clean Team and have a comfortable life. We have been in this business for many years and enough experience to recognise blinds cleaning problems. We have the solution for all types of cleaning problems related to blinds. The quality of the service is our priority and we keep it high at any cost. Thus for professional blinds cleaning needs, none can be better than us.


same day curtain cleaning brisbane

Same Day Curtain Dry Cleaning Brisbane

A lot of people meet many problems when they try to do the curtain cleaning themselves. Stain removal and specially mildew removal can be hard. Several washing machines are small for today’s curtains cleaning and using a washing machine can lead to harm to the fabrics. Or some types of curtain stains are still present on curtains as they are not easily removed by just washing. Curtain dry cleaning is the best way to clean your curtains. We are the recommended company from where you can hire the cleaners for dry cleaning the curtains.

Curtain Odour Removal

It does not matter how much you are careful about your curtains and blinds, it’s natural that they will get dirty and stained and eventually lose their shine as well as produce bad odours. We at OZ Clean Team render the best and most skilled professionals for curtain cleaning and odour removal work in Brisbane. With the experience of years in the service, we have a collection of all the required equipment for the odour removal service. Irrespective of the odour particles settlement time on your curtain, we can help you the best in all situations. Call us or send an email to get the assistance on price quote as well as curtain odour removal service booking.


Range Of All Kinds Of Curtain Cleaning Services

OZ Clean Team provides a suitable door-to-door curtain cleaning service in Brisbane. We remove and take them to our factory for cleaning and then return and re-hang them. OZ Clean Team also provide on-site steam cleaning of curtains and blinds. We offer a wide range of curtains, blinds and drapes cleaning services in Brisbane. Have a look at them:

Curtain Mould Removal

OZ Clean Team is the most reputed name for curtain cleaning and mould removal service in Brisbane. We are a family-owned business spread all over Australia. Our services are very useful and effective and we have a list of satisfied customers as proof. We own the best combination of curtain cleaners, cleaning solution and tools for the mould removal service. Our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly which makes our services safe for all. Thus you can rely on us for mould removal from curtains and blinds. Call us and get the best assistance regarding price quotes as well as booking.

curtain mould removal brisbane


What’s the Need of Hiring a Professional Team for Curtain Cleaning in Brisbane?

Curtains provide a house and office with much-needed personality as well as erudition. This is assuming that your curtains are clean and attractive. At home mostly people try to clean the curtains but they don’t do it properly. Curtain Cleaning is a time-consuming process but sometimes people don’t have sufficient time or they are alone at home & they can’t alone do it. Just like carpets and upholstery, curtains also attract dust and germs like a magnet. Exposure to sunlight takes a dull toll on the fabric of the curtain i.e. curtains look dull due to direct light of sun on curtains, but having layers of dust and germs on them can go faster their deterioration even more. This is why it is highly recommended that you have your curtains professionally cleaned as regularly as needed.


Why Choose Us For Curtain Cleaning Brisbane?

OZ Clean Team provides curtain, blinds and drapery cleaning services for Brisbane and its suburbs. We are locally owned and operated by an Australian family. We steam clean all kinds of curtains from all over Brisbane. OZ Clean Team is specializing in cleaning all types of curtains and drapes, nets, Roman Blinds, and Wooden and Venetian Blinds etc.

  • Well trained and professional team for curtain cleaning.
  • Always use eco-friendly product and non- toxic chemicals as they are not dangerous for human beings and pets.
  • Odours of cleaning solutions will not create any health issues.
  • Always uses the latest equipment for curtain cleaning.
  • We take the time to hand-clean your curtains right where they are hanged. It helps us avoid placing your curtains under unnecessary strain. 
  • We provide seven days a week service i.e. 24*7 hours service across Brisbane.
  • Providing quality and same day services are our specialties.
  • Feel free to call us as we are available all the time for our clients.
  • Provide you with top quality service at unbeatable cost.

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We are proud to serve both domestic and commercial customers and restore the loveliness of your curtains. For more information about our Curtain Cleaning Brisbane service, please call us on 0488 849 311.


OZ Clean Team Effective Procedure Of Curtain Cleaning

OZ Clean Team is committed to doing the job right the first time and every time. We offer you completely satisfying curtains and blinds cleaning services in Brisbane.

  • Firstly, our expert team will remove the dust particles after having the inspection of the curtains.
  • We will then again clean the curtain to remove the embedded dust particles.
  • Then, we do the stain treatment to remove the stains of coffee, wine, and ink etc.
  • Then, our team will perform the Curtain Steam Cleaning to remove all stains and dust permanently.
  • Curtain deodorization process (for removal of any type of odour) will make your curtain stay fresh for a long time.
  • Our professionals are equipped with a fast dryer so with the help of the latest dryer they make your curtains fully dry out.
  • After this process, our team will do the inspection and then get the satisfaction of the customer.
Local Drapert Steam Cleaning Brisbane


Note: Our team knows that curtain fabric is not the same even in a single home or office, so we use a different method of cleaning for a different type of fabric


Curtain Stain Removal Service Brisbane.

At OZ Clean Team we are known for providing quality steam cleaning services to remove all kinds of stains. Our stain removal service is unique because we take care of everything in our process. We use quality cleaning solvent, our team is ready to take any challenge which comes in the way. Our steam cleaning process for removing the stains involves these steps: We first thoroughly vacuum clean the curtains, then we treat the stains, and after that using a special type of steam cleaning solvent we steam clean the curtains.

Best Drapery Cleaning Service

Drapery surfaces with grime will demean the window and door look as well as lessen the interior decor. It’s better to get your drapes cleaned from professionals at OZ Clean Team and remain free of any risks. We are a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals equipped with the best cleaning tools and solution, thus we can easily tackle all types of dirt and stains. We are particularly focused on the removal of stains by any source. Our cleaning service is completely safe and long-lasting, thus you can rely on us for drapery cleaning service in Brisbane. We are available every day to get the booking and give the service.


Best Drapery Cleaning Brisbane


Premium Curtain Cleaning Service

I'm writing a review for the first time. When I chose OZ Clean Team for curtain cleaning at my office, I didn’t know I will get such a premium service. Right from the moment I made the first call, the whole process was quite simple. I would like to review this curtain cleaning company for their 100% professional service done at our office. As per my opinion, this company is the finest curtain cleaning service provider in Brisbane. No more dirt is found on our curtains. Our curtains look like as we brought it today. We will definitely call OZ Clean Team Services for the next cleaning.
- Nova

Highly Recommended Company

I highly recommend OZ Clean Team to all the people who are looking for the finest curtain cleaning service in Melbourne. They are superb at curtain cleaning. I had a very good experience with them. The prices they charge to clean the curtains are also very affordable.
- Alyssa

Dedicated Team of Professionals

The OZ Clean Team is the best company for curtain cleaning. Their technicians are skilled enough to manage the curtain cleaning work very well. My curtain was badly needed steam cleaning. They have a dedicated team who helped me with my curtain steam cleaning. I would surely like to recommend OZ Clean Team to everyone.
- Xavier Samuel


FAQs On Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

Q – How usually should I clean my curtains?

You can clean your curtains at least twice, or once a year for regular maintenance. Curtains attract soil, bacteria, dust mites, odour, and pollen. They can start to get dirty faster if your windows are often left open. Hence, if you live in a busy street, more particles of dirt can find their way into your home.

Q – Do you provide Same Day Curtain cleaning services in Brisbane?

Certainly, providing the same day services is our specialty. We open 24*7 to serve our marvellous curtain cleaning Brisbane services.

Q – How often should curtains be washed?

Curtains do not need regular cleaning but when they become fully stained then you can wash them every 3 to 4 months.