How To Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

A luxurious carpet is costly to purchase and maintain, but it is worth the result. It is especially true for pet owners as they constantly have to get pet hairs from their carpets. Although pet hair doesn’t directly harm the carpet, it does affect how your carpet looks. 

Dog Hair Out Of Carpet
Dog Hair Out Of Carpet

It is a problem that is specifically true for dog owners because Carpet Dog Hair Removal is not an easy job. Even some of the best dogs can leave some Dog Hair On Carpet and affect how it looks. So, what are some of the Best Way To Remove Dog Hair From Carpet?

  • Using Vacuum

The easiest and most straightforward method of Carpet Dog Hair Removal is with regular Carpet Vacuuming. If the dog hairs are not profoundly tangled in the carpet fibres, utilizing your home vacuum is suitable. Just grab your vacuum cleaner and start to vacuum the area with dog hair on it.

It is an easy method, and everyone with an ordinary vacuum cleaner can do it. There is no preparation required to utilize such a method of Dog Hair Removal From Carpet.

  • Using Baking Soda

YES, you read that one right; Carpet Cleaning With Baking Soda is a viable method. It might sound funny and straight out a joke to you right now, but before you decide anything, take a look at it.

First, you have to grab some baking soda and sprinkle it onto the carpet area with dog hair. Then, leave to rest for 10-20 minutes. Once the resting time is over, take out your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the surface. Baking Soda Carpet Cleaning is one of the most flexible methods of cleaning carpet, you can use it for Dog Hair Removal from your lovely carpet.

  • Using Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners make the fabrics softer so that all the dust and dirt will come out quickly. Other than softening the clothes, it can be used as an effective strategy for Carpet Dog Hair Removal. You can also utilize it for Regular Carpet Cleaning as it doesn’t damage the carpet.

To Remove Dog Hair From Carpet, just grab some fabric softener and spray it directly onto the area with dog hairs. Let it sit for some time, and it will make the carpet fibres softer, resulting in easier dog hair removal. Then, all you need is Carpet Vacuum Cleaning to suck out all the dog hair. Additionally, it also makes the carpet fibres soft to touch. It doesn’t leave any odour behind once it is dried.

  • Using Rubber Gloves

Everyone understands what rubber gloves are, but not many people know about all the things you can do with them. One of the things they can be used for is Carpet Dog Hair Removal.

Grab a pair of rubber gloves and use a water spray bottle to wet them. Once the rubber gloves are wet, you have to directly slide your hand onto the dog hair. Due to moistened rubber gloves, dog hair will stick to the gloves, and you can simply wipe them off. A

  • Fur Remover Brooms

Just like the name suggests, fur remover brooms are designed explicitly for Dog Hair Removal From Carpet. You can find them from your nearest supermarket or hardware stores. Additionally, some pet stores sell them too. They can be bought for relatively cheap as they are not that expensive to purchase and they work great as a Carpet Cleaner. If it doesn’t work, you should definitely hire Professional Carpet Brooming Service. 

Once you have the fur remover broom, you have to mop the carpet using it. Due to the fine design of the broom’s bristles, all the dog hair will stick to it. The result will be a carpet that is free from any dog hair.

  • Using Carpet Cleaning Brush

Just like the fur remover broom, a carpet cleaning brush is another handy tool you should own. Carpet Cleaning brushes are designed for cleaning a variety of carpets. They are so effective in cleaning the carpet that they can remove the stubborn dog hairs from the carpet.

Dog Hair Out Of Carpet Service
Dog Hair Out Of Carpet Service

Call Professional Carpet Cleaners If Everything Fails

In some cases, Carpet Dog Hair Removal tends to be complex, so a regular person is not enough for it. That is why we recommend reaching out to us online as we are offering your Professional Carpet Cleaning Service. We can remove all the dog hairs from your lovely carpet. Contact us now at 0482078153 and avail of a free quote today!