How to Remove Mould From the Carpet?

The carpets give a cozy feel and warmth to your home and a decent look to your workplace. They have the power to make as well as spoil the appearance of your place. Cleaner and fresh carpets enhance the look your places, adding a comfort to it, whereas, dirty and stinking carpets can do the exact opposite. Hence, regular carpet cleaning is very important. With the regular foot traffic, pets presence, and every day’s tear & wear, your floor coverings get dirty, and if there is any source of moisture in the rooms, they can even get mouldy.
Remove Mould from the Carpet
Remove Mould from the Carpet
The development of mould on the carpet should not be taken easily and lightly. Why? One, because it is difficult to get rid of. And two, because mould is very harmful and causes severe problems to your health. But there is a good news, you can rid your carpets of mould with some home remedies and lead a healthy and germ-free life.

Follow The Below-Mentioned Steps to Remove Mould From The Carpets

Step 1: Act Immediately

Once, mould development comes to your notice, it is important to take action immediately before it spreads. It will be great if you can bring that particular carpeting piece out of the room.

Step 2: Loosen The Mould In The Carpet

Scrub and brush the affected of the carpet using a broomstick. This will help loosen the mould, making easier to rid it of the carpet.

Step 3: Vacuum The Mouldy Area of Carpet

Afterward, vacuum the mould affected area of carpet. Keep vacuuming until it stops coming off. Empty the vacuum waste directly into the garbage bag and dump it outside the home.

Vacuum The Mouldy Area of Carpet
Vacuum The Mouldy Area of Carpet

Step 4: Make The Soup Solution and Treat the Area

Mix dishwasher liquid with water and make a cleaning solution. Or you can use some quality commercial carpet cleaning solutions to treat the mouldy area of carpet. Choose the carpet cleaner carefully that suits your the type of your carpet fibre best as well as deodorise it.

Step 5: Scrub The Affected Area

Take a sponge (or rag) dampen it into the cleaning solution, and give a nice scrub to the affected area.  Doing so, will remove the remaining and sticking mould spores from the carpet.

Step 6: Dry The Carpet Thoroughly

Expose the carpet to the sun, so it can dry naturally, and all allergens present on the carpet vanish away. In case, it is not possible to move the carpet out, make sure you pat it dry thoroughly. Avoid using a fan to dry the Carpet Cleaning, because this can worsen the situation, by spreading the leftover spores (if any) throughout the room.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane
Carpet Dry Cleaning Brisbane

Important Precautions

Mould is a kind of fungus that grows on your carpeting, clothing, and furniture if there is moisture in the room. It is toxic and can be harmful to you, so, it is important to take the necessary precautions before starting the mould removal treatment on your own. You should take the proper protection by covering your eyes with the goggles, mouth with the mask and hand with the gloves.

Call The Experts For Your Help

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Carpet mould removal is a challenging task and requires proper caution, doing it in a wrong way can actually worsen the situation. There are chances that the  DIYs methods you try at home, may fail, which might result in Carpet replacement, making the whole process costly. The best and right way for the carpet cleaning and mould removal is to take the professional help. The expert carpet cleaners at OZ Clean Team help to restore the carpets to their original conditions at affordable prices. We know how to deals with such difficult conditions and making your carpets new once again. You can request us for a free quote.