Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

High-End Mattress Cleaning Services in Melbourne

OZ Mattress Cleaning Melbourne gets rid of harmful germs from your mattress. Mattress anti-allergic treatment and natural chemicals safe for your family and pets.

Mattress Sanitising and Cleaning Melbourne
Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

We Have Many Features that Make Us Different from Other Service Providers in Melbourne:

  • Most affordable mattress steam cleaning in Melbourne
  • Mattress Dust Mite Removal Melbourne
  • Mattress Odour Removal Melbourne
  • Mattress Sanitizing Melbourne
  • Mattress Stain Removal Melbourne
  • Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne
  • Licensed and certified mattress steam cleaners Melbourne
  • Vomit Removal from your mattress Melbourne
  • Anti-allergic mattress treatment Melbourne
  • Blood Stain Removal from your mattresses Melbourne
  • Mattress Steam Cleaning Services available 24×7 even on weekends & public holidays
  • We cater to the same day and emergency mattress cleaning service request
  • Green Mattress cleaning solutions that are chemical-free
  • 100% mattress cleaning services Melbourne
  • Complete mattress care solutions under one roof
At Oz Mattress Cleaning Melbourne Team, we have complete solutions for your mattresses including, mattress steam cleaning, mattress sanitizing and so on.

Mattress Sanitizing Melbourne

Oz Clean Team has been providing quality mattress cleaning Melbourne services in all areas of Melbourne. With proper skills and required experience, we make sure that our customers get the best of cleaning services. Mattresses often get neglected at home because it is impossible to clean them with conventional home cleaning methods. Deep cleaning of your mattresses is only possible with the help of specialist cleaners who have the necessary tools and proper expertise.
At Oz Clean Team Melbourne, We deliver mattress dry cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, mattress odour removal, mattress stain removal, mattress dust-mite removal, mattress urine removal, mattress sanitizing, and mattress bed bug removal etc at an affordable price.
Call Oz Clean Team Melbourne for an excellent mattress cleaning experience at a low cost!

Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne.

Steam cleaning is one of the best methods for cleaning the mattress, the process requires cleaning solvents, water, a vacuum cleaner and a steam cleaning machine. Using these the mattress is cleaned and sanitized. At OZ Clean Team we have skilled and trained technicians to do the mattress steam cleaning, we ensure that the work is done seriously and there is no loose end. Our steam cleaning service involves three simple processes:

  1. Vacuuming the mattress thoroughly.
  2. Stain removal of the mattress.
  3. Steam cleaning using cleaning solvent and water.

For booking, you can contact the number mentioned on the top right corner of the website.

Why Mattresses Need Professional Steam Cleaning?

If you believe that changing your bed sheet daily and cleaning your mattress with a vacuum cleaner is enough to keep your bedding clean and hygienic then you are highly mistaken. It is a myth that you can clean your mattress yourself and eliminate all kinds of contaminants from it. A dirty mattress is a storehouse of dust mites, bacteria, human skin flakes, human oil, human air, carbon particles, pollens, and other pollutants.
We guarantee complete peace of mind with our mattress cleaning services with which you can get complete rest and sound sleep – every day!

Mattress Cleaning: Advantages

When you hire cleaners from Oz Clean Team Melbourne, you will definitely get the following advantages from our mattress cleaning services:

Switch to a cleaner and healthier mattress with our immaculate mattress cleaning services!
Residential Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
Residential Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Services in Melbourne.

It’s good to have the mattress cleaning service when you want it, but sometimes it’s not possible because of the busy appointment, but at OZ Clean Team you can book the mattress cleaning services anytime. We accept booking 24 hours and all seven days of the week if you want an emergency mattress cleaning service then there’s no better option than us. We have hired well-trained mattress cleaners who are highly skilled and have experience in mattress cleaning. We do the cleaning less time and remove all the mess, all this in a single day so that you don’t have to interrupt your plan.

At Oz Clean Team Melbourne, we keep it simple yet elaborate when it is about cleaning your mattresses:
We have special treatment for tougher stains if there are any on your mattress.
Experts Mattress Cleaning Services Melbourne
Experts Mattress Cleaning Services Melbourne


Quality Mattress Cleaning Services in Melbourne

With Oz Clean Team Melbourne you get complete assurance and 100% safe Professional Mattress Cleaning services. If we do not please you with our mattress cleaning services on the first attempt then you can ask for a re-cleaning service at no extra charge once again.

Why Choose OZ Mattress Steam Cleaning Team?

At Oz Clean Team Melbourne we have complete solutions for your mattresses. We provide mattress dry cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, mattress odour removal, mattress stain removal, mattress dust-mite removal, mattress urine removal, mattress sanitizing, and mattress bed bug removal etc.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne
Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne


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You are just one step away from clean, hygienic, and healthy mattresses. Give Oz Clean Team Melbourne a call and we will be at your doorstep!

Frequently Asked Questions on Mattress Cleaning Melbourne:

Q – Can you remove vomit stains from my mattress?

Yes, we can effectively remove vomit stains from your mattresses although we know that it is not easy to remove vomit stains if you do it personally though but even if you have tried but failed then you can lease the experts of OZ Cleaning Services for the best offers.

Q – Do you provide emergency mattress cleaning services too?

Yes, we do provide emergency mattress cleaning services because we know that or customers can be in a crisis at any time, therefore, emergency cleaning services are available and we are available on too.

Q – Do you provide professional mattress cleaning services?

Yes, we have a team of merely the professionals who have been rendering the most beneficial services all across Melbourne for more than 20 years and our professionals have got ample expertise in this business.

Very Affordable

Our mattress was stained so we decided to call the best mattress cleaning service provider in the town OZ Clean Team. When we contacted them they offered us a very economical price. I must say they didn’t compromise on the quality of the service. The team of OZ Clean Team did an outstanding mattress cleaning job. OZ Clean Team uses effective and safe cleaning solutions. My mattress looks hygienic now and I am happy that I can have healthy bedding now. Thank you OZ Clean Team. I would always recommend OZ Clean Team to everyone in Melbourne.
- Sarah

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne
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