Some Reasons Behind Crunchy Carpet After Cleaning

Nowadays many companies who provide services for carpet cleaning use many methods or techniques to clean the carpet thoroughly. On the other hand, they use many cleansing agents with hot water, so that no dust remains after carpet cleaning. After cleaning it with chemicals they vacuum to dry or ensure that no dust is left.

  1. Use of cleansing agents

When professionals extract dirt from the carpet, they remove most of the stubborn soil or cleansing agents from the fabric of the carpet. With time the carpet also gets dry. But after cleaning what makes the carpet crunchy, is because of cleansing agents which have been used during the process.

  1. No proper rinsing 

Let’s understand it with an example, think that you are using shampoo to wash your hair but you didn’t rinse it out from your hair. It makes your hair look rough and crunchy. The same happens to your carpet’s fabric if the cleansing agent has not been rinsed out properly. It will turn your soft, beautiful carpet into an effective carpet cleaning.

  1. Remaining sticky residue 

If the cleansing agents or chemical solutions used by the carpet cleaner during the process have not been cleaned or rinsed properly, then, it will leave a sticky residue behind which will stiffen your carpet and your carpet will turn into a crunchy carpet. And, also after your carpet is turned into a crunchy carpet, it will work as a magnet for dirt or soil. That’s the reason the carpet cleaned with traditional methods is not so good or trustable. Daily vacuuming will also not work on it.

The cleansing agent left on the carpet is also harmful to babies or pets. If it gets in contact with babies or pets, then, it can cause skin irritation or rashes and if it is inhaled, then it can cause breathing problems too.

Carpet Cleaning

Why don’t the Carpet Cleaning rinse it out?

Many carpet cleaners who are new or even when we try to do it ourselves, give or try our best to rinse out all the solutions from the carpet. But, traditional cleansing agents are very hard to rinse because it does not rinse out. In fact, if you try a lot then it will not be good for your carpet. It can cause your carpet to become leftover wet which will affect the underlying pad of your carpet. 

If your carpet gets over-wetted, then it will take more than a week to get dry properly which will annoy you for sure. And, due to the wetness molds can also form up on your floor. So, all you should do is hire a professional carpet cleaner who is very experienced. 


Hiring a professional carpet cleaner who has lots of experience, will be the best option. They will make sure that after cleaning, your carpet does not turn into a crunchy carpet. Many professionals with good experience prefer using the Steam cleaning method or dry cleaning method. Though the steam method uses lots of hot water or vapor, it takes one or two hours for your carpet to get completely dry. Call us today at our number 0482078153 or fill out the form to get the free quotes.