Carpet Cleaning Hobart

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Dirty or stained carpets? No need to fret! OZ Clean Team have specialized services for you. We are a trusted name for Carpet Cleaning Hobart services and offer multiple services to keep your carpets clean, tidy and maintained. You can call us for carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet sanitizing, carpet deodorizing, carpet mould restoration and more. Our specialized cleaners are available in your services round the clock. These features make us different from the rest:

Carpet Cleaning Hobart

  • We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions.
  • Australian owned carpet cleaning company.
  • No shrinkage or stretching of the carpet after our cleaning process.
  • Quick carpet drying service in a maximum of 1 hour.
  • No carpet Smell after the steam cleaning service.

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpets are the modern aesthetic element which gives a dignified look to the interiors; let it be a residential space or commercial space. Carpets are manufactured from different types of fabrics which are of variant colours and textures. The carpets are also responsible for giving a protective layer to the floors, hence you have to think about cleaning the floors.

  • As accessed on a regular basis, the carpets get dirty within a few days. In the course of time, the dust in the carpet invites dust mites to dwell in it.
  •  Dampened carpets invite many microbes including fungus.
  • Stained and wet carpets develop the bad odours which make the surrounding stinky.
  • If you have pets, your carpets become the storehouse of their hair.
  • The dirty carpets even are responsible for spreading respiratory and skin diseases, which affects the elderly persons, children and people having skin and breathing issues.

Altogether, when the carpet gets dirty, stinky and filled with microbes this becomes the reason for creating unhygienic and stinky surrounding. The only solution is to clean, disinfect and deodorize the carpet soon. So, carpet cleaning is very important. 

The Best Carpet Cleaning Methods In Our Service

With the regular use and heavy foot traffic, it becomes obvious for the carpets to get stained and dirty. Thus, it is very important to clean your carpets regularly. The best cleaning methods to get the accumulated dirt and impurities out of the carpets are carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Hobart

Professional Carpet Cleaning Hobart

Carpet Steam Cleaning is one of the best methods to get rid your carpets of dust, debris, and other impurities. In this, the carpets are deep cleaned using hot water and cleaning solutions. The process includes injecting pressurized water along with cleaning solution and then extracting it out which takes out contaminants present in the carpet.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Hobart

Carpet dry cleaning is another effective method to make your carpets free from stains and dust. This process involves dusting of a dry cleaning solution on to the carpets that break down the impurities. The powder is then vacuum cleaned making the carpets tidy and clean.

New Carpet Sanitisation Hobart

Unclean and dirty carpets can cause many dangerous viruses, pathogens, bacteria, and germs. Any exposure to these bacteria and germs can expose your family to ailments and diseases. It is recommended that you hire professional cleaners for carpet cleaning and sanitising to get rid of these viruses and germs. Oz Clean Team can deliver you with the best and effective carpet sanitisation service in Hobart. 

Expert Carpet Mould Removal

Our expert carpet cleaners use effective and safe products to disinfect and sterilize the carpets and remove the moulds. We offer the best and effective carpet mould removal service at affordable costs throughout Hobart. It is important to take the necessary steps to remove mould growth from your carpet as soon as it occurs. Any DIYs for mould removal cannot deliver you the guaranteed results, but the professional treatments can. If you do not want your loved ones to get affected by the harmful effects of mould growth then hire professional services calling us.

Carpet Stain Protection Hobart

Scotchgard Carpet Stain Protection Hobart

Only cleaning is not enough for your carpets, they need more than that, such as carpet stain protection. Along with carpet cleaning, we also provide carpet stain protection service that helps in keeping the stains away. We at OZ Clean Team also offer carpet fibre stain protection service for all kinds of carpets.

Old & New Carpet Stain Removal

Our professionals offer high-end services for carpet cleaning and stain removal. Though treating the spills and stains at that very moment is the right way to remove them. However, if the stains on your carpets have dried up and become stubborn hiring the professionals can be of help. Our experts thoroughly clean your carpets and remove the stains without damaging the fibres. Thus, for the safe carpet stain treatment, look no further than OZ Clean Team.

Carpet Shampooing Service

Many carpets come with cleaning instructions and carpet shampooing the method they prefer in most cases. We are here to provide those customers with professional cleaners for carpet shampooing. We will use the latest tools, recommended shampoo and cleaning instructions to clean your carpet. 

Carpet Odour Removal Service

OZ Clean Team is well known for solving the specific problems related to carpet cleaning and odour removal is one of them. We own the most skilled and experienced team for carpet cleaning service. Our services include dirt and stain removal, mould removal, microbe removal and odour removal. The processes we use is steam cleaning for odour removal. After cleaning we deodorise the carpet and make it ready for the use. Anytime call us to have a carpet cleaning service and get the best assistance.

Steps of Carpet Cleaning We Patronize

Our professionals initiate the process of carpet cleaning with monitoring the carpets in which they list out the specifications and requirements of the carpet.

  • Using vacuum cleaners having the powerful suction capability, we drag out the dust from the carpets.
  • A solution of hot water and the cleaning agent is sprayed on the carpets and left for a few minutes which are absorbed by the carpet fabrics.
  • We apply approved cleaning solutions on the stains and leave it for a few moments. We use the special brush for brushing and removing the stains seamlessly.
  • Using the vacuum cleaner with the high suction power, we drag the solution which drags the dirty water and the dead skins of the mites from the carpet completely along with the cleaning residues.
  • Afterwards, the team washes the carpets thoroughly to remove any leftover residues.
  • Then the team uses the disinfectants and sanitisers for eliminating the microbes and viruses. 
  • Applying deodorizers on the carpet, we regain back the freshness of the carpet spreading a pleasant aroma in the interior surrounding.
  • Our professionals dry the carpets after the execution of the cleaning works instantly as dampened carpets would invite moulds to dwell in.

Note: Our professionals at OZ Clean Team recommend steam cleaning as the best effective step for ensuring the carpet cleaning to be effective.

Professionals at OZ Clean Team For Carpet Stains

Expert Carpet Cleaning Hobart

OZ Clean Team is well aware of the varying reasons and issues that are the cause of the stains on the carpets. Our team is equipped with latest and powerful tech-tools and the latest improvised effective techniques for carpet cleaning and stain removal. Let us see the carpet stains which are removed by our professionals.

Most Common Carpet Stains Are:

Tea and Coffee Stain: Tea and coffee are made in almost every houses and served in offices. The spills of it can discolour your carpet and also damage its fabrics.

Urine Stain: On your carpet urine will be either from your pets( dog or cat) or kids. Our urine cleaners are ready to clean fresh as well as dried carpet urine stains.

Food Stain: Our specialists use effective cleaning solutions to treat fresh as well as dry food stains and offer high-end results. Get rid of food stains like curry stain, sauce stain, pulse stain and gravy stain on your carpet by hiring our professionals. 

Ink Stain: The spill of ink on the carpet can affect its fibres within a few minutes. But our professionals are ready to remove fresh as well as old ink stains from the carpet. It happens by accident so the chances are that the spills can spread to a large area.

Less Occurring Carpet Stain Are: 

Gum Stain: It is a sticky stain and becomes hard to remove within a few minutes of its happenings. Do not worry if you are not able to take it out because our professionals can do it easily for you.

Blood Stain: It can fall on your carpet when anyone has an accident in the house. We are ready to clean fresh as well as dried bloodstains. This stain affects the colour and fibre of the carpet. 

Wine stain: It stinks and releases bad odour which can be harmful to health. Our cleaners use commercial and safe products to treat wine stains especially red wine. 

Nail Polish Stain: Our professional cleaners are experts in Nail Polish stain removal. Utilizing standard solutions and modern tools we can completely remove the fresh and old nail polish stains.

Oil and Grease Stains: This is a very bad stain and it can discolour as well as damage your carpet. Hire our professionals to clean oil and grease stains on your carpet as DIY may not be that much effective. 

Our team of certified professionals is highly dedicated to provide the best effort for protecting your carpets and sustain its looks, durability and maintaining the freshness.

Rug Cleaning Services at the Most Competitive Prices in Hobart

Expert Rug Cleaning

OZ Clean Team believes in delivering the best rug and carpet cleaning service at a very affordable and competitive price. We keep the cost of our cleaning services low so as to provide you with the benefit of professional cleaning without spending too much. We always follow a strict code of conduct in the quality of the service. Now save your money and get your carpets professionally cleaned by hiring OZ Clean Team.

Why Choose Us For Carpet Cleaning Hobart?

OZ Clean Team is a renowned and trustable name in the field of professional carpet cleaning services and provides the services at the best prices. With effective carpet cleaning services and results in Hobart, we are regarded as a unique professional team. Apart from the latest equipment, we consider using eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing the carpets in a precise way.

Our specialities are:

  • Years Of Experience: With a team of experienced cleaners we have been cleaning and restoring the carpet of people in Hobart for long. 
  • End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning: With high responsibility, we maintain tidiness in the surrounding while cleaning the bonded carpets at the end of the lease.
  • Truck Mounted System Cleaning: We have the availability of truck-mounted system equipment for carpet cleaning. It reduces labour work and enhances service quality.
  • Same Day Service: Proud to offer all these services on the same day of booking, and we have a separate team who handle all the task. 
  • Reliable and Affordable: Have been able to walk so long successfully because of reliable and affordable service. We deploy the best techniques step by step as suitable for the carpets.
  • Booking and Service Availability: We offer services round the year without any holidays, even on Christmas and New Year. You can call us anytime as per your convenience as we offer 24 hours and 7 days services for carpet cleaning in Hobart. 

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What type of carpet cleaning services do you offer?

We offer various carpet cleaning services, including carpet steam cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet sanitising, carpet deodorizing, and carpet dry cleaning. Reach us to know more about our carpet cleaning services.

Do I need to be present when professional cleaners clean my carpet?

No, staying or leaving during the carpet cleaning process is totally up to you. We will be comfortable in every situation. For any queries Call us on 0482078153.

How much does it cost for Carpet Cleaning Hobart?

The cost of our services depends on the carpet type and size. When our cleaners will reach your address and inspect your carpet they will tell you an accurate cost for cleaning services.

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