4 DIY Tips for Residential Couch Cleaning

Couches tend to get dirty a lot and it’s your job to protect the upholstery at your home. If there is dirt and dust for a long time, it can also damage the Couch. Residential Couch Cleaning can be DIY where you use homemade techniques to clean the Couches. Furniture is an essential addition to your living rooms and bedrooms. So, dusting Couches is not possible regularly. Instead of calling professional upholstery cleaners in Hobart to clean the Couches, you can use some techniques on your own.

Residential Couch Cleaning

Best DIY options for Residential Couch Cleaning


If you are thinking of cleaning the Couches, you can’t miss out on Vacuuming. It is the best DIY option ready in your hand. Further, Residential Couch Cleaning starts with vacuuming. You should know how to use the cleaner properly. Whether it’s food or dirt, the cleaner gets to the nook and corners for your help. If you notice anything odd in the Couches, bring your vacuum cleaner immediately. If you vacuum at least once a week, you will get visible results.

Clean All the Metal Parts with Warm water & Soap

Only cleaning won’t help in Residential Couch Cleaning. You have to make sure that the wooden handles are also cleaned properly. This will make the Couches look new again. In the non-fabric parts, use warm water and some soap. Rub the handles with the solution to make them brand new. After that, wipe it off with a cloth and allow the area to dry. If you have bought the couch from a manufacturer, there will be tags on it. Don’t forget to read the instructions on the tags. They will advise you regarding how you can clean the Couches.

Removing The Stains Properly With The Water and Vinegar

Apart from vacuuming, you must remove the stains if any. There are many tricks at home that you can try out. Take some homemade cleaners to help you with the same. Mix water and vinegar in a bowl. Mix in 1 tablespoon of soap to the bowl too. If the fabric is synthetic, you can use liquid soap, vinegar, and water. So, these can be used as spray cleaners. After the vacuuming part, you can spray these DIY solutions to remove the stains.

Removing Stains with Regular Cleaning

If you want to maintain your couch for a long time, then you need to clean it regularly. Regular cleaning with a dry cloth will give you a brand new couch. While cleaning DIY, choose the right cleaner for the couch. Residential couch cleaning takes a lot of patience and ideas on how to do it properly. There are some costly cleaners in the market you should take care of.

Tips to Remember While Cleaning Residential Couches

  • Read the instructions on the manufacturer’s tags first.
  • It’s important to remove the stains as early as possible.
  • Keep a stain remover handy so that the work gets easier for you.
  • Don’t machine dry until the fabric is removed from the couch completely.


Caring for the fabric upholstery at your home requires so many things. You can come up with other DIY ideas too. Follow these tips to keep the couches clean and perfect. You can accidentally spill something on the couches. So, take care of it whenever you can. Get the best upholstery cleaning services from Oz Clean Team.