Causes of Mould Growth Under Carpet Fibres

Carpets are undoubtedly the most used and valuable objects of the house, some of them are quite expensive too. They get stained due to many reasons as well. And a dirty carpet is prone to affect your health too. 

There is another significant problem with the dirty carpets and that is carpet moulds. Moulds begin to accumulate under the carpet fibres gradually when they remain wet for a long time. You have to take steps in these cases to fix the problem, because it can get worse later. You can also hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider.

Mould Carpet Cleaning Service
Mould Carpet Cleaning Service

Here are The Causes of Mould Growth Under Carpet Fibres

  • Broken Roof:

    When a roof gets broken due to any possible reason then water begins to leak and slowly the water reaches to the carpet placed in the house and makes it completely wet and wet carpet later leads to the germination of moulds.
  • Water Spills:

    This is the major cause of carpet moulds. Water no matter from what source when reaches the carpet fibres it quickly gets absorbed in the carpet fibres and makes it wet thoroughly. And when we neglect these unnoticeable situations later it surprises us when we encounter mould growth under carpet fibres.
  • Pets:

    It might not sound good to you but it is true pets urinate on the carpet many times and the stain is not always visible thus, we often overlook it. Later it led to the accumulation of moulds. 
  • Rain:

    To numerous homeowners, massive rainfall is a big problem. Because the water that the cloudburst downpours comes from the roof directly in our home. And then the waterfalls reach the carpet, and the fabrics get soaked. Rainwater even gets access inside the house and later causes the growth of moulds.

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