How Do I Remove Ink from Carpet Even After Steam Cleaning is Done?

Eliminating ink from your carpet might be the most challenging task you could have ever come across. And let me tell you steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods to get rid of your ink stains. Yet sometimes depending on the fiber of your you may not be able to get through the removal of the ink stain. So in a situation like this, you might surely have a question How do I remove ink from the carpet even after steam cleaning is done?

There are a lot of possibilities wherein you tend to drop your link on the couch or carpet or anywhere. These kinds of accidents do happen. However, you have either of the two options then. We Oz Clean Team are professionals, so you can either hire us to do the needful for you or you can collect the required things and clean them by yourself.

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Here are The Few Tricks to Answer How You Remove Ink From Carpet Even After Steam Cleaning is Done?

There may be chances if the accurate method did not work on your stains so might the other small-level tactics that may work for you.

Method 1 – Rubbing Alcohol

  1. Step 1 – Put some rubbing alcohol on one end of your clean white cloth and dab the same against the stain by soaking the ink from it as much as you can. Repeat until you find all the ink stain is transferred to your cloth.
    Note:- Change the sides of the cloth frequently so the ink does not spread more on the carpet and just dab it and do not rub the same.
  2. Step 2 – Rinse the stained area with warm water and vinegar in a ratio of 16:1. This will add up to the better treatment of your carpet.
  3. Step 3 – If everything is done, then simply rinse your carpet with clean water and let it dry. After this process vacuum the carpet.
    Note:- If you find the stain has not yet disappeared even after blotting the area with the rubbing alcohol. You can cover the area with shaving cream and leave it for 15 minutes. As soon as the 15 minutes is done, wipe up the shaving cream and start following the process from step 2 and the rest is the same.

Method 2 – Using Lubricant

  1. Step 1 – Spray Lubricant on the affected area of your carpet and let it settle for a few minutes.
    Note:- Try your lubricant on a hidden patch of your carpet first.
  2. Step 2 – Take a sponge and warm water with a blend of soap and gently massage it against the area to extract the lubricant and ink.
  3. Step 3 – Rinse the area with clean warm water thoroughly and let the area dry.

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Therefore, with these 2 methods of carpet cleaning Adelaide, which we are confident enough for the stain to disappear, this was an answer to your question of How do I remove ink from the carpet even after steam cleaning is done? There are a lot of possibilities that sometimes this small cleaning is left. However, you can either hire a professional to clean the ink stain by their method and carpet cleaning tips or you can implement the above two methods.