How Long Does It Take to Grow Mold on Wet Carpet?

The first thing due to which wet carpet is advised to be treated immediately is to stop the growth on the surface of the carpet. Molds generally appear as white or black cotton textured layers that get developed in conditions like humidity and darkness. Molds generally appear in bread and other edible items as ‘bread molds’. Carpet water damage restoration is done with the main intention to eliminate and constrict the growth of any microbes over the surface of carpets.

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Why Molds and Other Microbes Develop Over Wet Carpets?

Wet carpets, generally water damaged carpets provide all the favorable conditions which are required for mold growth. The conditions include heavy availability of humidity and moisture over the surface of carpets and dark atmosphere. Both of them are generally available in abundance in wet carpets. Another requirement is the space for mold growth and nourishment. Delamination which occurs due to the excess water weakens the glue and makes spaces among the shreds of the carpets.

Water seeping in the dark spaces led to the growth of microbes especially molds in the loosen spaces. The spaces are also well ventilated and there is quite an efficiency of oxygen in those spaces which is significant for the growth of molds.

How Long Does It Take for Mold to Grow?

With the availability of all the necessary conditions, mold continues its rapid pace of growth and influence. In about 26-48 hours water damage mold starts germinating over the surface with rapid growth. All microbes multiply at a rapid pace. The visibility of mold over the surface is generally noticeable after a fixed period of 18-21 days. If carpet water damage restoration in Hobart is overlooked for much time, the mold gets spread all over the surface. The molds if speaking biologically takes about 6-12 days to begin colonization.

In the period of colonization of mold, they multiply rapidly and in just a short period they can easily be noticed with naked eyes. In edible items, the spread of molds is much faster. The mold developed over carpet produces spores that can be settled down over the surface of the edible food and in hours they can spoil everything that comes in contact.  

Once the mold gets settled down at one single place, it uses it as its hotspot. Within no time mold releases thousands of spores around the surrounding air. The spores are so destructive at this stage. Not only mold, any other microorganism which reproduces via the method of spore formation is destructive the same. Carpet water damage restoration especially emphasizes choosing such dehumidifiers and agents which first break the multiplication speed of such microbes.

Why Choose Us?

Molds are so rapid in their multiplication pace and influence the whole area in which they get settled even in your carpets. In such worst conditions Oz Clean Team is also there for the rescue. We use tested efficient agents which eliminates any chances of further growth of molds on the carpet. Before the molds will more of your assets get it treated with us.

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