How to Clean Your Carpet Without a Carpet Cleaner

You must keep your carpets neat and tidy to maintain proper hygiene and ensure a longer life span. Carpets become dirty when they are used for long periods. Many people go for carpet cleaning service providers to ensure their carpets are restored to their initial state. However, many people don’t prefer investing money in carpet cleaning; also, some people are allergic to the chemicals used by professional cleaners. In those cases, people choose to do the cleaning themselves.

How To Clean Without A Carpet Cleaner And What Materials Are Required

Before you start cleaning, you must figure out whether you want to clean a particular portion of the entire carpet. There are five methods by which you can sanitize and deodorize your carpets efficiently even without a carpet cleaner.

Solution of vinegar and water: A solution formed by mixing equal proportions of vinegar and water is quite effective for sanitizing and disinfecting your carpets. Firstly, use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate all the dust and dirt particles from the carpet. Then add some white vinegar to warm water. After that, take a brush and immerse it into the solution. Use it to remove the stains from the carpet. You can also spray the solution on the affected areas and use a dry cloth to remove those completely.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is one of the natural ingredients with which you can clean your carpets. Start by vacuum cleaning the carpet to eliminate the loose dirt particles. Then apply baking soda to the stained areas. Use a scrub brush, dip it into warm water and wipe the areas until the marks are gone completely. Leave the carpet to dry to get the final results.

Solution of Dish soap, Water and Vinegar: Dish soap is highly effective for deep cleaning of carpets. However, it needs to be used carefully as using it in excess amounts will damage the real colour of the fibres. To start with, use your vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt particles. Next, add a small amount of dish soap and vinegar to warm water and mix them properly. It is recommended that you apply the solution on a small portion to ensure that the colour of the carpet isn’t fading. Once you confirm that it’s safe to use, take a scrub brush and immerse it into the solution. Apply it on the stained areas to get a clean, fresh carpet.

Club Soda Combined with Salt: To ensure the long life of the carpets, it is essential to remove stains caused by unwanted spills as soon as possible. Apply a little amount of club soda on the stained area using a piece of cloth or a towel. A part of the stain will be removed in this manner. Next, apply salt until the whole stained area is covered and keep the carpet for drying. Once dried, get rid of the salt and see the results. You will find that the carpet has become completely clean free from all stains.

Cornstarch Combined with Milk: For removing deep stains from your carpet, take a little amount of cornstarch and mix it with milk. Apply the mixture to the stained areas of the carpet. The mixture will absorb the stain, and you will get a neat and clean carpet once it is scrapped off.

Grated Potato: To eliminate any foul smells from your carpet, use grated potato. Keep the grated potatoes on the carpets for some time, and then remove those to obtain a carpet completely free from odours. However, make sure you use only yellow or white potatoes as other coloured ones can damage the carpet fibres.

 So, you can easily clean your carpets even without a carpet cleaner. However, if you want to hire professionals, then our experts at OZ Clean Team are always available to provide the services. We have the best team of carpet cleaners to serve the entirety of Melbourne along with other nearby cities and suburbs.