How to control House Flies?

Flies are very disgusting and annoying in nature. Flies are gross and carry very dangerous germs with them too. They spread these germs by sitting and dispersing them on food sources and fruits and vegetables. Almost everyone has to go through house fly infestation at their home or offices. House fly control is necessary for maintaining hygiene and avoiding the spread of diseases. We are providing you with a simple to follow guide for flies removal and flies pest control at home.
Home Flies Control
Home Flies Control
  1. Proper Cleaning

    Cleanliness is a good way to fight any kind of pest infestation. Flies pest control can be done by regular cleaning and wiping of our kitchen floors and bathrooms. Keep your food sources always sealed and stored in fridges. Food should not be kept open in the kitchen or dining tables. Cover your fruits and vegetables and use sealed containers for their storage and preservation. Avoiding any source of food is an excellent prevention for house fly control. Clean and remove any food spill immediately and keep your house trash free by proper disposal of food waste.

  1. Natural Fly Repellents and killers

    Most of the natural oils are bug and fly repellants. You can use lavender, thyme, basil, tea tree, clove and peppermint oils to ward off home flies and flies pest control. Make a solution of water and essential oil and use it to clean and spay around your kitchen and bathroom. These oils can also be used in cleaning your basins, dining tables and floors. This will greatly help you in flies removal.

House fly infestation
House fly infestation
  1. Electronic Swatter and Insecticides.

    If house fly infestation still persists, you can always use the electronic swatter available in the market. These swat bats are a great way to kill any kind of insect bug or fly. Instant killing is very good for home fly control and can be used if you see any flies wandering in your home. Professional insecticide products and chemicals can be bought and used to fight of house fly infestation. Always take precautions while using these and keep them away from the reach of children. These products can directly be sprayed on flies or mixed in floor cleaners and will fight house fly infestation easily without the need for professional pest control services.

Professional  Assistance:

House fly infestation is very dangerous and poses a high risk to you and your loved ones. The house fly infestation source will go unnoticed for years and even if you don’t have one, flies can easily invade your home from the outside. Hire professional pest control services to completely eradicate a fly infestation and get your house hygienic and clean again. OZ Clean Team provides the best of the best professional pest control services and with the use of insecticide and installing fly traps, we can make sure that you don’t have to go through house fly infestation again.

Professinal Pest Control Services
Professional Pest Control Services