How to Remove Nail Polish Stain on Carpet?

Nail polish looks pretty until it stays on your nails. But as you know, accidents happen, the nail polish bottle flipped down, and you got a big nail polish stain on carpet. It’s not just an accident, it’s a crisis. If this is the scenario with you, consider yourself lucky to have landed at the right place. We have brought you some of the best way to remove nail polish from carpet .

 Nail Paint Stain Remover on the Carpet
Nail Paint Stain Remover on the Carpet

We understand, nail paint spill on the carpet can be a shocking as well as freezing moment, as this is the last thing you would want to happen. But don’t worry, you can undo the situation, and save your carpet from looking ugly. The process is time-consuming, but you have to get into action as soon as you overcome the shock. Here are tips to help you how to remove nail polish stain from carpet and best way to remove nail polish from carpet.

Things Required in Nail Polish Stain Removal

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Soft Cloth
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Carpet Cleaner
  • Water
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Soft cloth
Nail Polish Removal from Carpets
Nail Polish Removal from Carpets

Best Tips to Remove Nail Polish Stain on Carpet

  • Step 1: Scratch the Nail Polish from Carpeting

    When you are dealing with the fresh spill, scooping nail polish out of your carpet can do the maximum amount of job. Scratch the polish out of your carpet as much as you can before it gets dry.
  • Step 2: Blot Up The Stain

    Once, the nail polish has scooped up from the carpet, the next step is to blot the stain. Blotting the area with the help of cloth will remove the excess amount of nail polish from the carpet. Make sure you are not rubbing the stain as it can spread further and get deeper into the carpet.
  • Step 3: Use Nail Polish Remover

    Now apply the nail polish remover on another soft cloth and test a hidden area of your carpet before treating the main stain. If it does not discolour or damage your carpet fibre, go ahead with the treatment. Remember, the stain should stay wet, while you are testing the area, so, keep the nail polish stain on carpet wet by moistening with water. You can also use rubbing alcohol and hairspray in place of nail polish remover.
  • Step 4:  Treat The Stain

    If the nail paint remover passes the test go ahead with the process. Dampen the cloth with an additional amount of nail polish remover, and start bloating the stain. Keep the switching the sections of cloth and keep dabbing the area until the nail paint stain on the carpet vanishes. Do not pour best way to remove nail polish from carpet or other cleaning agents directly onto the carpet as it can damage the carpet layers.
  • Step 5: Clean The Treated Area

    Once the stain is gone, clean the treated area using a mild soap to remove the residue of nail polish and best way to remove nail polish from carpet. Afterwards, rinse the area with clean water. Don’t pour the water directly onto the carpet. Apply the same bloating trick with the clean water as well.
  • Step 6: Dry the Area

    Once done, carpet gives ample amount of time to get dry.
Nail Polish Remover on carpet
Nail Polish Remover on carpet

Professionals Do it Better

When don’t want to take the risk, take professionals help.  They are trained to remove all kinds of stains including nail polish stains on the carpet. Call OZ Clean Team to get help to remove nail polish stains from carpet. We have a team of efficient carpet cleaners that clean remove almost all kinds of stains from carpets and restore them. We also use carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods to clean your carpets to excellence.