What is The Best Way to Clean Ceramic Tile Shower?

Every homeowner wishes to have a neat and dirt-free tiles shower but no matter how much ever you be careful they get attracted to all the dirt particles. The mildew and grime present on your tiles can damage it and eventually decreases the life of it. You will soon end up replacing your tiles with a new one. These contaminants even spread many allergens.It is very important to keep the ceramic tiles in good condition. Cleaning ceramic tile shower is a very easy task. Many homeowners use chemical products available in the market to clean it but it is very dangerous and can harm your tiles as well as you. Professionals advise using a natural way to clean ceramic tile shower. Below is the best way through which you can effectively clean your ceramic tile shower.

Clean Ceramic Tile Shower
Clean Ceramic Tile Shower

Effective Way To Clean Ceramic Tile Shower

  • Step 1: Run The Hot Water Shower –

    In the first step, all you have to do is run your shower at high temperature. The hot water will run from your shower and open all the poress and give the methods of tile grout cleaning. Let the shower run for at least 10 minutes so that it will be easy to carry forward the other cleaning steps.

  • Step 2: Prepare The Vinegar Solution –

    Vinegar is knowns as one of the best ingredients to clean ceramic tile shower. Many homeowners use this solution whenever they want to clean their tiles. To prepare this solution take 1 part of water and 1 part of vinegar in a bowl. Mix the solution properly. After that take a spray bottle and fill the solution into it and now you are ready to use the solution.

  • Step 3: Apply The Solution –

    To apply the solution spray it over your tiles. Make sure you are spraying on the grout lines as well. ensure that you are not spraying the entire solution, use a little amount as you will have to use the solution later as well. see to it that the area is covered by the solution and all the gaps between the tiles are also covered by the solution. Let the solution be on the tiles for 30 minutes. This will help the solution to work effectively on your tile shower. Vinegar solution deeply cleans the ceramic tile shower removing all the dirt and mildew from it. Do not disturb your tiles between these 30 minutes.

  • Step 4: Soap Scum Scrubbing –

    After 30 minutes, scrub the soap scum formed on your tiles shower. You can take a grout brush or stiff brush and then scrub properly, make sure you use the right method to scrub the tiles so that the results are desirable, scrubbing will loosen all the soap scum. It will be easy to clean your tiles after that. Scrub the entire shower tile areas. You will find all the dirt and grime coming out of your tile shower when you scrub it. If the tiles are dirtier then scrub it little hard. Do not forget to scrub on the grout lines as well.

  • Step 5: Rinse The Tile Shower –

    Once you’re done with scrubbing, rinse the tiles. Turn on the shower and keep it at a low temperature but ensure that the water is warm. For fast cleaning, you can even take some water in a bucket and pitch on your tiles. While performing this job see to it that your tiles are cleaned properly and no solution is left out on it.

  • Step 6: Let The Shower Tiles Dry –

    Let your ceramic shower tile dry completely after you’re done cleaning it. It will take some time to dry the tiles but make sure you are not using it until it is completely dried. After it is dried if you didn’t find the desired result then you can try the above procedure again.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning
Ceramic Tile Cleaning

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