5 Most Common Carpet Stains And How To Remove Them

Imagine you are dancing and having fun with your friends and suddenly a glass of wine from your house spills down to your carpet. It will ruin the whole mood, right? And if that stain doesn’t come out you have to say goodbye to your favorite carpet. But don’t lose your hope, it is hard to get a red wine stain off, but it is not impossible. 

There are plenty of techniques that you can follow for common carpet stains and removal. Additionally, you can also hire professional help, as expert carpet cleaners have the perfect solution for your every problem.  A stain of red wine is quite maddening to get rid of, but if you have the right technique, you can easily scrub it out without damaging your carpet. 

5 most common carpet stains and removal steps that you can follow 

Hereby are some common carpet stains and removal methods you can use to get rid of them.

Blood stain

Your maid is cutting vegetables when suddenly she got a cut on her finger and her blood left a stubborn stain on your carpet? Don’t panic, get her first aid and then spray cold water on the carpet surface. After that, mix cold water and dish detergent to make a solution, apply this solution repeatedly till the blood stain comes out of the carpet surface.

Ink stain

Your kid is doing his assignment and suddenly the bottle of ink leaks all over the carpet? Ink stains are very tiresome to remove. To remove the ink stain, take some rubbing alcohol and rub it on the stain spot. If you don’t have to rub alcohol you can use nail polish remover or hair spray instead. 

Red wine stain

If you have spilled your red wine all over the carpet, run fast to the kitchen and seize a bottle of tonic water, now pour that on the red wine stain. Tonic water bubbles will help you remove the stain easily. Now make sure to pat the water away. When the carpet becomes dry, spray water and vinegar solution on top of it. Swab or blot the water and vinegar solution till the carpet is dry. Now pour some baking soda on the stain and let it stay for an hour or two then vacuum it away. You will get your stain free carpet back. 

Coffee stain

You were about to serve coffee to the guests when suddenly you lost your balance and spilled the coffee on your branded carpet? Here is a common carpet stains and removal tip. Put the tray down and run to take paper towels as soon as possible, place them on the stain, and let them soak it. Don’t try to rub it because if you rub it you will make it even worse. Now, prepare a water and vinegar solution then spray it on the stain, leave it like this for some time then sprinkle some baking soda on it. After that, leave the baking soda overnight for better results and then vacuum it in the morning.

Gum stains

Gum usually doesn’t leave a stain on your carpet, but it doesn’t come out easily and make your carpet look filthy as well as gross. In such cases, grab some ice cubes from your refrigerator, put the ice cubes in a bag, and then place that bag on the carpet for one or half an hour as per your convenience. Try to be patient during the process as if you rush you will end up damaging your own carpet. It is an important tip you should keep in mind for common carpet stains and removal.

Appoint the carpet cleaning service providers 

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