Protect Your Carpets from Stains with Scotchgard

Rushing up with muddy feet or snowy feet or the kids lazing over or the pets sleeping. Carpet calls so many activities on it in a day itself. But what about the consequences of it? Being so busy all day, the carpet shall have to be well protected in order to maintain its shine and the excellence of it. The proverb said, ” It is better to take precautions than cure.” This is absolutely true.
Why wait for hard cleaning ?? post making the carpet dirty. However, act sensibly, you can protect your carpets from stains with Scotchgard. Scotchgard is one of the perfect guarding measures that disables the stain to move deep in the carpet fibre and protects your carpets by allowing you to clean the stains just light-handed.
Protect Your Carpet Form Stains

Now Taking About This in More Detail. 

  • The Scotchgard is a repel for your carpet that does not allow the spills to fall dark inside it and leave deep stains. In fact, it will keep the spill to stay on the exterior of the carpet. 
  • Moreover, it will also resist the dirt settling down in it which might assist you later while you are practising your periodic cleaning of the carpets. The Scotchgard will ensure the dust does not settle down in the fibre of your carpet and maintain your carpet shiny.
  • Lastly, the Scotchgard also ensures to protect the fibre of your carpet overall by not letting them come in contact with any spills or dust or stains. And this will ease up your work while performing a deep cleaning of your carpet.
Making use of Scotchgard will not only offer you the above three points but will also leave you to stress-free and just laze on and over your carpet any time by also having food activity above it. The Scotchgard assures an extra layer of protection on your carpet that overall prevents it from getting any permanent stains or marks.


Carpet Stain Removal

More of it, the major talk on Scotchgard is that the product is pretty much affordable and is also advised to use once or twice a year as per the requirement and usage of your carpet and call for professional cleaners whenever required. This will surely save you time, money, and effort.

Steps to Protect Your Carpets from Stains With Scotchgard

  • Step 1 – The very first thing you need to do is to shake the Scotchgard well. Then spray it over the hidden area of the carpet until it gets wet to check whether the Scotchgard is smooth to go with your carpet fibre and colour or not.
    Note: – If the colour starts fading, do not use it further.
  • Step 2 – Spray it over the whole carpet and keep the kids and pets or anyone away from it until it gets dry. Let it settle for about 6 hours.
  • Step 3 – If you find a white accumulation on the carpet after being dried up, remove the same with the vacuum.
  • Step 4 – Redo the procedure post six months to maintain your carpet’s shine and look.
    Note: – Before redoing the Scotchguarding procedure, ask for a professional carpet cleaner to get your carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast and you are done.